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Class Action Lawsuit

class action lawsuit

Class Action Lawsuit: By the People, for the People

If you’ve been harmed by a company’s defective product, dangerous drug or unfair business practice and know others who have been too, it’s imperative that you talk to a class action lawyer right away. Class action settlements and lawsuits allow an individual or a small group of people to file a claim on behalf of hundreds, even thousands, of people who have suffered in a similar way.

The ability to file a lawsuit with others as a “class” gives your case strength in numbers. But you don’t want just any class action lawyer to represent you. You’ll want an experienced attorney who is tremendously dedicated and has exceptional organizational skills, extraordinary resources and top-notch courtroom savvy. That’s where 1-800-THE-LAW2 fits in. We can connect you with ab experienced lawyer who has a proven record of success. Call now for your free class action consultation: .

Class Action Lawsuit Examples

Our attorneys have experience protecting consumers in a wide variety of class action lawsuits. Some examples in our class action lawsuit list have involved:

  • Recalled drugs such as fen-phen, PAXIL®, VIOXX®, ZOLOFT®
  • Diabetes patients who have developed bladder cancer as a result of taking Actos
  • Defective pacemakers, hip replacements and breast implants
  • Race or gender discrimination at the workplace
  • Defective cars, tires and other auto components
  • Toxic exposure to benzene and asbestos
  • Overtime wages that were unpaid
  • Insurance claim denials
  • Chase class action lawsuit

Not sure if you have a case? Get your questions answered by calling for your free consultation with an experienced class action lawyer: .

One Call Could Change Your Life

One conversation with one of our skilled class action or personal injury lawyers could dramatically change your life – and the lives of others – for the better. Let us put you in touch with a class action attorney, wage and hour attorney, or slip and fall attorney who can help you figure things out. We’ve been helping people find high-quality legal representation since 1985. Call now to get connected: .