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Workers Compensation Lawyer

workers compensation lawyer

No matter how careful you are, an injury at work is bound to happen – especially if you work with heavy equipment or work in labor-intensive industries such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare and retail. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor reports that there were over 1 million work-related accidents and illnesses in 2010 alone. If you’ve been physically injured on the job, suffer from overexertion, or developed a disease as a result of toxic work conditions, you may have a workers compensation claim that entitles you to compensation.

The easiest, most effective way to find out your options is to talk to a workers compensation lawyer. The help of a workers comp lawyer can significantly improve your chances of winning workers compensation benefits, including:

  • Workers compensation benefits up to $4,400 a month
  • Payment of your medical and hospitalization bills
  • Temporary disability payments for up to 104 weeks
  • Severe injury disability payments for up to 240 weeks
  • Total disability benefits

If you’re worried about payment, don’t be. You pay no upfront fees when you work with a workers compensation lawyer member. They work on a contingency basis so that you get paid, or you don’t pay at all!

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Don’t make the mistake that thousands of others do and wait too long to talk to a workers compensation lawyer. State law varies from state-to-state, but they typically range between 30-90 days to file a workers compensation claim. But the earlier you file the better. It’s much easier to prove eligibility for workers compensation benefits sooner rather than later, and the earlier you file, the earlier you could start receiving compensation.

Waiting too long could result in becoming ineligible for workers compensation benefits while at the same time your expenses are adding up. Don’t wait – talk to a workers compensation lawyer today: .