AB 60 Driver License Implementation

AB 60 driver license

What is the AB 60?

On September 12, 2013 the California Legislature passed the law called AB 60  (Chapter 524, Statutes of 2013). This bill allows undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver license. The AB 60 Driver License law was signed by California Governor, Jerry Brown. In this fashion, California joined other states such as Connecticut, Colorado, Maryland, Oregon, New Mexico, Illinois, Washington, Nevada and Utah, as well as Washington, DC allowing undocumented immigrants to legally drive regardless of their immigration status.

Applicants who wish to qualify for the AB 60 driver license must meet all requirements for licensing and provide satisfactory proof of identity and California residency. The law will begin implementation on January 2, 2015. Starting on this date, those wishing to benefit from the AB 60 can make an appointment three different ways:

  1. Online on the DMV’s site
  2. Using the “DMV App Now” for iPhone and Android mobile phones,
  3. By making an appointment in person at a local DMV office.

Requirements to Get an AB 60 Driver License

To obtain a driver license applicants must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Adequate preparation for the driver license test
  • Fill out the driver license application (DL 44) form available at DMV offices;
  • According to the AB 60, applicants must provide the DMV:
  • Pass a vision test, knowledge (written) test, and if applicable, a road sign test;
  • Give a thumbprint;
  • Have a picture taken;
  • Schedule a future appointment with the DMV for the driving test.

It is worth mentioning that the AB 60 driver license is not an official identification form to obtain employment, boarding a flight, open a bank account or to receive any public benefits. The driver license only authorizes undocumented immigrants “driving privileges”.

As for those applicants under 18 years of age who wish to obtain a driver license, they must submit evidence of having completed a California Driver’s Education course. For additional information, see the 2015 California Driver Handbook.

Don’t Be a Victim of Fraud

Beware of impostors posing as lawyers or notaries. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) urges the public to avoid scams involving the processing of applications for driver licenses as well as those improper charges for services the DMV provides for free.



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