1 in 4 CarMax Vehicles has Unrepaired Recall Defect

Carmax recall vehicles

27% of Vehicles Sold by CarMax Have Unrepaired Recall Defects

Vehicles being sold in Connecticut, Massachusetts and California were found to have at least one open recall. The unrepaired defects included Takata airbags and ignition switches which have been linked to deaths and injuries.

The survey was of 1,699 vehicles for sale at eight CarMax dealerships.

According to the Center for Auto Safety, many new and used car dealerships sell used vehicles with unrepaired recall defects. This report focused on CarMax, because it is the leading used-car retailer – selling 619,936 used cars in 2016. CarMax also notoriously labels the cars it sells as “CarMax Quality Certified.”

The Center for Auto Safety has released similar reports in the past as part of its continued fight with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) about allowing dealerships to sell unrepaired vehicles.

Rosemary Shahan, president of Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety Foundations, says that this problem is more urgent than ever, “There are more recalled vehicles out there than before,” she said. “We are demanding that state law enforcement officials crack down on CarMax and other dealers who are engaging in these practices.”

It’s illegal to sell new cars with safety recalls that have not been repaired. Only franchised new-car dealers can complete recall repairs. Independent dealerships such as CarMax cannot.

According to CarMax they disclose any open recalls to customers before purchase and their mobile apps include links to the NHTSA recall lookup website with the VIN pre-populated.

Source: www.autoweek.com