5 Ways to Foster a Productive Relationship With Your Lawyer

When you make the important decision to retain an attorney, it’s important to recognize that you have a part to play in the outcome of your case. How you interact with your attorney is an integral part of the process. Here are five things you can do to ensure that your relationship with your lawyer stays productive:

1. Tell the truth.

Remember, your attorney is on your side. The only way to get the best legal defense is to be truthful about the details of your case – whether it’s a car accident, truck accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, dog bite, drug recall or other type of lawsuit. Withholding important information or telling untruths will ultimately result in bad legal advice.

2. Be clear about your roles.

Some clients want to be very involved in the direction of their cases every step of the way. Others prefer their attorneys to take a very clear lead. When developing a relationship with your lawyer, it’s important to be very upfront about what your roles will be as the case progresses and to establish what your expectations are from the very beginning. This will help your case run much smoother and be infinitely more productive.

3. Prepare for meetings.

Fostering a productive attorney-client relationship with your lawyer is a two-way street. As a client, you should expect your attorney to be prepared each and every time the two of you meet. Conversely, you should also be prepared for meetings by bringing your case file as well as any documentation or paperwork that your attorney has requested. If there are questions you know you want to ask, prepare them ahead of time. Come to meetings focused, alert and ready to exchange ideas and receive legal advice.

4. Be patient.

The length of time for each case to resolve varies, depending on the circumstances and complexity of the case. Some cases may have longer discovery periods than others. This is when paperwork must be filled out, documents and records have to be procured and depositions may be taken. It’s important to be patient during this stage of the process. This is a critical time when both sides of the lawsuit exchange information and your lawyer starts to build your case. After discovery, several negotiations may take place to settle your case out of court. If an agreement cannot be reached, your case could go to trial.

5. Stay involved.

Even if you’re the type who wants your attorney to do what he or she thinks is best, it’s always a good idea to check in on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean calling every hour or even every day. But it does mean that you should remain aware of important dates and expected milestones so that if you haven’t heard from your attorney, you know when it’s appropriate to check in. Staying in regular contact is also a good way to show how dedicated you are to your case and to fostering a productive relationship with your lawyer.

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