5 Ways to Know if You’ve Been Wrongfully Terminated

wrongfully terminated

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It’s never easy to hear, “We have to let you go,” or worse, “You’re fired!” Being terminated from a job is traumatic in and of itself; being wrongfully terminated can feel even worse. Not all terminations are considered “wrongful” under the law. An employer can be unfair or unjust and still not break the law. But there are some things your employer cannot do under the law, even in an “at will” state like California.

Use the following guidelines to make an initial assessment of your situation. If any of these situations apply to you, talk to a lawyer right away.

  1. You’ve been discriminated against. It is illegal for employers to fire an employee because of the employee’s race, nationality, religion, sex, age or sexual orientation. If you feel any of these factors had something to do with your termination, you could have been wrongfully terminated.
  2. Your employer is retaliating against you. If you file a discrimination or sexual harassment claim against your employer, and you are fired afterwards, you could be the victim of retaliation, which is illegal under Civil Rights Laws.
  3. You refused to do something illegal. If you were asked by your employer to commit an illegal act, refused to do it and then, subsequently, get fired, you could have been wrongfully terminated.
  4. Your employer did not follow proper procedure. If your employer does not follow the procedures outlined in company policy or employee handbook prior to your termination, you may have been wrongfully terminated.
  5. Your termination was a violation of a contract. If you had a personal contract or a union contract with your employer, and your termination broke the terms of that contract, you could have been wrongfully terminated.

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