The Dangers of Mall, Fair & Festival Rides

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Amusement Ride Injuries May Qualify as Premise Liability

School is almost out, and for many families that means more visits to summer fairs, festivals, amusement parks and malls, where the kids can enjoy the rides. While parents usually take necessary precautions for rides at large amusement parks, a new study shows that extra care is also needed at smaller venues – particularly in malls, stores, restaurants and arcades. According to the study by Clinical Pediatrics, children may be more susceptible to head, neck or face injuries or concussions on smaller amusement rides.

The study was conducted over a 20-year period, from 1990-2010. During this time, almost 93,000 children and adolescents sustained amusement-ride injuries that were serious enough to require emergency room treatment. While 33 percent of those injuries occurred on “fixed-ride” sites, such as large amusement parks; 29 percent occurred at “mobile” ride sites, such as fairs and festivals, and the remaining 12 percent occurred at the mall.

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A child’s head and neck are the most likely to be injured on a ride, followed by the arms, face and legs. Bruises, sprains, cuts and broken bones are the most common types of ride-related injuries. Slip and fall accidents were found to be the cause for 75 percent of all ride-related injuries.

One of the core problems for the high rate of injuries is lack of safety regulations. Fixed-site rides are governed by strict regulations, but mobile rides and mall rides are not. With about 20 ride-related injuries occurring every day during the summer, parents should take extra precautions by using safety equipment whenever possible and refraining from leaving children unattended.

If your child gets seriously injured on a mall, fair or festival ride, call 1-800-THE-LAW2. You could have a premise liability case and may need a lawyer.