Asbestos Settlement: Florida Man Awarded $3.5m

asbestos settlement

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Lorillard Tobacco Company was ordered by a Florida jury to pay a man $3.52 million for exposing him to asbestos fibers contained in the filters of Kent cigarettes. This asbestos settlement is reportedly the largest amount ever awarded in an asbestos and tobacco claim. Plaintiff Richard Delisle was awarded an additional $4.5m for asbestos exposure from other defendants involved in the case.

The lawsuit alleged that Lorillard Tobacco Company manufactured Kent cigarettes with asbestos-containing filters from 1952-1956, the same timeframe that plaintiff Richard Delisle smoked the cigarettes. In the 1960s, Delisle also worked at a Massachusetts paper mill, where he handled gaskets that allegedly contained asbestos. Hollingsworth & Vose Company, the manufacturers of the gaskets, were also defendants in the case.

Although asbestos settlements against tobacco companies are rare, the jury assessed that Lorillard bore 22 percent of the responsibility for Delisle’s asbestos mesothelioma. Hollingsworth & Vose was also assessed 22 percent of the burden of responsibility. However, because of a joint venture indemnity agreement between Lorillard and Hollingsworth, Hollingsworth’s liability shifted to Lorillard, giving the tobacco company 44 percent of the blame. Crane Co., the paper mill where Delisle handled the gaskets, was assessed to be 16 percent at fault.

Despite the fact that he smoked cigarettes as a teenager, Delisle, now 74, was not assessed any fault. Delisle smoked cigarettes during an era when physicians were advocates of smoking; and he asserts that he was not made aware of asbestos danger while working at Crane Co.

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