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Distracted Driving: Why Personal Injury Lawyers are Targeting Snapchat

Distracted driving kills more than ten people, and causes more than 1,000 injuries on a daily basis. Teens are disproportionally affected, with more than 50% of teen crashes now thought to be caused by distracted driving. Texting has typically been the cause for distraction, but drivers using social media apps now cause more and more […]

Illegal Street Racing

Teen Street Racing Street racing is illegal in public streets and involves multiple cars participating in exhibitions of speed. They race against a clock or other timing device. These races are also known as “speed race,’ or “drag race,” and threaten the safety of not only those behind the wheel but the public as a […]

Are Self-Driving Cars the Future of Transportation?

Are Self-Driving Cars the Future of Transportation? Recently there have been announcements of self-driving cars, that don’t require drivers in order to operate. Although it is still not a reality, or these cars are not available to the public, testing for these cars has begun and their profits have been measured. Uber has teamed up […]

Are GPS Systems a Distraction for Drivers?

Handheld Cellphone Use is Illegal, but GPS Devices are Fine According to new driving laws in California, cell phones must remain mounted to vehicle dashboards and be enabled for hands-free or voice command. This is an effort to eliminate distracted driving. Systems that are embedded in the vehicle and installed by the manufacturer are exempted […]

Texting While Driving

California Cellphone Use and Texting While Driving Laws As of January 1, 2017, Californians are prohibited from holding their cell phones while they drive. Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1785 in September and the law prohibits holding a cell phone while driving for any purpose, including checking maps, texting, or talking. Driving requires concentration to […]

Rain Related Car Accidents: Causes and Tips

Rain is Good for Droughts, but Bad for Drivers During the years long drought Californians have enjoyed perfect driving conditions. A lack of rain means clear visibility and avoiding wet and slippery roads. The recent downpours have helped ease the drought, but brought increased traffic accidents. Just before the Christmas Holiday, nearly 200 crashes were […]

New California Driving Laws 2017

With a New Year, Come New Laws As we enter 2017, seven new laws are taking effect that will impact the way Californians travel. Aimed at increasing safety on our roadways, new California driving laws hope to put an end to distracted driving, driving under the influence and tour bus incidents. New Driving Laws in […]

Teen Driver Awareness : Causes, Consequences and Caution

January is National Teen Driver Awareness Month Teen Driver Awareness Month, along with National Teen Driver Safety Week (October) and Distracted Driving Awareness Month (April) raises awareness and looks to bring forth solutions to preventable injuries and fatalities on the road. Is Teen Driving Really a Problem? Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of […]

What to do When Injured in a Car Accident

Increased Car Accidents During the Holidays The number of drivers on the roads peak as friends and families get together to celebrate during the holiday season. As a result, more drivers are impaired by alcohol leading to a predictable increase in car accidents, according to California State Highway Patrol departments. DUI arrests are at their […]

What to do When you Get a DUI in California

DUI: Driving Under the Influence Driving Under the Influence (DUI’s) means that it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle in California based on the following blood alcohol concentration (BAC) percentages: 08% or higher – 21 years old or older operating a passenger vehicle 04% or higher – operating a commercial vehicle 01% or higher […]