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Need a Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer?

A Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer Can Help You! For the period 2000-2014 the total number of reported Workers’ Compensation claims in Los Angeles amounted to 2,656,419. A 25.9% increase in total claims filed within this period. Workers Compensation is an employer’s legal responsibility to pay for your damages if you experienced a work-related injury […]

A City of Industry Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You!

A City of Industry Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You! In 2011 the California Highway Patrol reported that the aggregate number of persons injured in the City of Industry area amounted to 319. This statistic is astoundingly high when we take into consideration that the population number is only 916. However, this small enclave hosts 2,500 […]

Fiat Chrysler Record Civil Penalty: $105 Million Settlement!

Fiat Chrysler Record Civil Penalty: Historic $105 Million Settlement! Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) admits failures and agrees to auto buy backs, three years of close federal oversight and a record civil penalty. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s enforcement action initiated after NHTSA officials outlined complications with the auto maker’s 23 safety recalls, bringing into review […]

Dodge Journey Recall Alert: Engine Fire Risk!

Engine Fire Risks Prompt Fiat Chrysler’s Dodge Journey Recall Fiat Chrysler, or FCA US LLC, announced a safety recall on some 2011-2015 Dodge Journey models, and a sibling sold outside North America as the Fiat Fremont, equipped with 2.4L, or four-cylinder engines. The Dodge Journey recall affects some 350,000 vehicles, including 144,416 in the United […]

Immigrant Parents Sue: Texas Denies Birth Certificates

Immigrant Parents Sue: Texas Denies Birth Certificates to American-born Children Immigrant parents are suing because Texas denies birth certificates to children born in the United States. Immigrant parents with U.S.-born children rely heavily on their child’s birth certificate for school enrollment, access to Medicaid and other government services. Attorneys representing immigrant parents – mainly from Mexico, Guatemala […]

$25 Million Honda Discrimination Settlement for Overcharging Minorities

$25 Million Honda Discrimination Settlement for Overcharging Minorities Honda Motor Company’s American Finance Corporation agreed to pay $25 million to settle federal investigations into allegations of charging minority borrowers higher auto loan interest rates than white customers. The Justice Department accused American Honda Finance Corporation of overcharging black, Latino, Asian and Pacific Islander car buyers […]

Takata Compensation Fund Rejected for Airbag Victims

Takata Compensation Fund Rejected for Airbag Victims Following at least eight reported deaths and numerous injuries related to the Takata Airbag investigation, TK Holdings, Inc., “Takata,” rejects U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal’s request for a compensation fund for alleged victims of its defective airbag inflators. The senator’s request for a compensation fund was denied as Takata’s […]

ARC Airbag Inflators Rupture

ARC Airbag Inflators Investigation The Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) at the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) opened an investigation on July 13, 2015 to examine ARC hybrid airbag inflators. ARC Automotive, Inc. (ARC), an airbag manufacturer based in Knoxville, Tennessee produced the airbag inflators allegedly using the same explosive compound that plagued inflators made […]

Overtime Pay Eligibility Expands

Overtime Pay Eligibility Expands The Wage and Hour division of the U.S. Department of Labor is proposing to update the regulations defining and delimiting the exemptions for “white collar” employees; therefore, expanding the overtime pay eligibility threshold. Under the proposed ruling, the White House aims to strengthen the middle class and tackle income inequality. Updating […]

Smart Lipo Recall Due to Undeclared Drug Ingredients

What is the Smart Lipo Recall? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use Smart Lipo capsules, a product promoted for being the “best natural and herbal weight loss supplement,” due to undeclared drug ingredients. Therefore, the manufacturer, SpartLipo 365, is voluntarily recalling all lots of Smart Lipo sold […]