Top 5 Auto Accident Myths

Auto Accident Myths

Top 5 Auto Accident Myths You Should Know!

Everyone should be familiar with these top 5 auto accident myths whenever and if ever you should be involved in a car accident. Familiarize yourself and be sure that you receive the legal advice, compensation and medical attention you are entitled to.

1. AUTO ACCIDENT MYTH: If you feel ok after an auto accident, you don’t need to go to the doctor.

FACT: Even if you look and feel fine on the outside, you could have some internal injuries that only a doctor can detect. See a doctor as soon as possible to rule out and/or treat serious injuries. This could also help increase the value of your insurance claim.

2. AUTO ACCIDENT MYTH: Hiring an attorney after an auto accident won’t make much of a difference in your settlement.

FACT: Statistics show that insurance claims settle for far greater amounts when an attorney is involved. In auto accident claims, having an attorney can actually get you up to 3 times more than if you handled the negotiations yourself.

3. AUTO ACCIDENT MYTH: After an auto accident, the insurance company is the first call you should make.

FACT: It’s true that you must call your insurance company in order to file an auto accident claim, and that there is a limited time to file a claim (every state has a different statute of limitations). However, an attorney can make the call for you. This may be the better way to go in order to ensure that your interests are protected and that nothing is said that might damage or reduce your claim.

4. AUTO ACCIDENT MYTH: If the damage doesn’t look too bad and no one appears to be hurt, it’s best to just settle an accident directly with the other driver.

FACT: Don’t do it! If the other driver offers to pay you directly, without going through insurance or an attorney, you could lose much more than you think. The damage to your car may be far worse than you realize – what seems like a little fender bender might have actually caused extensive and expensive internal damage. The same goes with your health. You might feel fine right after the accident but then feel the effects later on. If you settle privately, it is much more difficult to file a claim later on.

5. AUTO ACCIDENT MYTH: Pictures are the only records you need to get maximum compensation for an auto accident.

FACT: Pictures are critical, but the more details you record the better. After an auto accident, write down anything you can remember – no detail is too small. Think about things like what time it was, what the weather was like, what direction you were headed in, what lane you were in, what the traffic conditions were like and what the other driver did or said after the accident.

You should also keep a written account of any pain you experience after the accident, as well as doctor’s visits – including how much time you spent going to the doctor, how much time off work you had to take, what your out-of-pocket expenses were, even how much you spent on the phone dealing with auto accident issues. Be sure to save all of your receipts!

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