Bicycle Helmet Safety Tips

Bicycle Helmet Safety

Bicycle Helmet Safety: Are Bicycle Helmets Effective

It’s recommended that all cyclists wear a helmet while riding, no matter their age. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 63 percent of fatal bike accidents in 2013 involved cyclists who did not wear a helmet. The majority of those deaths were due to brain injuries. Proper bicycle helmet safety may help prevent traumatic brain injuries during an accident.

While a helmet may not be able to prevent all injuries, it can protect your brain in the event of an accident. For further prevention of injuries and accidents, practice safe cycling.

Bicycle Helmet Safety: How They Work

For a bicycle helmet to be effective, it needs to be secure and the correct size for your head. Bicycle helmets are specifically designed to protect your head by decreasing the impact you receive. The foam component of the helmet crushes, giving your head more stopping time by about “six thousandths of a second (6ms) to reduce the peak impact on the brain,” as stated by the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute (BHSI). It’s important to keep in mind that most bicycle helmets need to be replaced after a crash in order to offer maximum protection.

5 Qualities of an Effective Helmet

  • Strong strap (for children a strap that releases after 5 seconds of pulling)
  • Allow for easy adjustments
  • Comfortable and light
  • Durable
  • Visible to motorists during both day and night

Should I Wear a Helmet While Riding at Night?

When riding at night, it is crucial to abide by the unique cycle laws enforced by your state. California laws require cyclists to equip themselves and/or their bikes with lights and reflectors. The bicycle must have good brakes so that it can make sudden stops. Helmet use is suggested for riders over the age of 18, and is required for riders 18 and under.

Legal Help after a Bicycle Accident

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