California Among Worst in “Worst States to Drive In” Report

Source: WalletHub

According to Wallethub, California ranked 47th on a best to worst ranking system. Outranked by only three states: Maryland, Washington and Hawaii.

California performed the worst in categories like traffic, highest car theft rate, and highest average gas prices.

California did rank number 1 in other categories like access to vehicles and maintenance, most auto-repair shops per capita, and fewest days with precipitation.

The cost of gas and time lost in traffic are major factors contributing to Californians poor commute experience.

Drivers in California’s three largest cities spent $17 billion on gas in 2017 and nearly $7 billion was wasted due to bad driving habits and traffic congestion.

Congestion costs the average driver $1,400 per year in the U.S.

Traffic congestion is one of the biggest day-to-day challenges for Los Angeles’s residents, with the average person spending 104 hours stuck in traffic each year.

A study by the Department of Energy which found that bad driving habits such as speeding, rapid acceleration and frequent braking cost Americans an extra 40 percent in fuel costs each year.

Californian drivers are not only up against wasted fuel and traffic congestion, but face living in a state with the second highest car theft rate, and highest traffic fines and fees in the nation.

Data for this study was collected from the U.S. Census Bureau, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Highway Traffic Safety, American Automobile Association, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety and Federal Highway Administration, among others.