How California Insurance Laws are Protecting Injured Consumers

california insurance laws

In case of an accident in California, injured persons are protected by California insurance laws. If you are injured in an auto accident or at work it is essential to understand the details of how you are protected, and how you will receive compensation. Although these laws are meant to benefit injured consumers, there are still difficulties in receiving fair compensation.

California Insurance Laws – Auto Accident Injuries

How are you protected with auto insurance:

California is a “fault” state. This means you have the right to file a claim through your insurance company, the at-fault driver’s insurance company, and file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. If you are injured in a car accident, California has a required bodily injury liability policy; this is what the at-fault driver pays to cover expenses related to your injuries from the accident. The amount is limited however, and may not cover all of your injury-related expenses.

How you are not protected with auto insurance:

California does not require drivers to carry uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. This means that if you are hit by an uninsured driver, the liability falls on you to pay for your own medical and property damage expenses. However, insurance companies do offer this coverage in a bundle for your convenience. To learn what to do if you are in an accident with an uninsured motorist, read our article.

You may have a difficult time dealing with insurance companies and receiving full compensation when filing an auto accident claim. Insurance companies may try to give you a lesser amount than you deserve. An auto accident lawyer can benefit you by negotiating with insurance companies for you, and maximizing the compensation you receive.

California Insurance Laws – Work Accident Injuries

How you are protected with workers’ compensation:

If you get hurt on the job, you are eligible for workers’ compensation. This means that your employer is required to pay workers’ compensation benefits to you. Benefits include: medical care, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, supplemental displacement benefits, and death benefits for family members. By law, an employer can’t punish or fire you for applying for workers’ compensation benefits resulting from an injury on the job. You are eligible to receive workers’ compensation if you are a temporary employee, full time employee, and regardless of your legal status.

How you are not protected with workers’ compensation:

With workers’ compensation, it is often found that employees are not receiving full benefits or the amount of compensation they deserve. A workers’ compensation lawyer could be able to: recover lost wages, pay medical expenses, secure your job, and secure long-term rehabilitation and disability benefits.

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