An Inside Look Into The Car Accident Settlement Process

car accident settlement

Car Accident Settlement Process

After a car accident, you typically report the incident to and follow the settlement process with your insurance company. The settlement process is where you present evidence, negotiate, and agree on a settlement amount for compensation. In California, due to the statute of limitations, you have a 2 year window or shorter for settling your claim or filing in court, but it may be shorter depending on the circumstances. Dealing with insurance companies can be stressful and time consuming, so leave the headaches to an experienced car accident lawyer who will fight to get you a fair compensation.

Car Accident Settlement Process: Evidence

Insurance companies need evidence of your accident, including property damage and bodily injuries. This information should be submitted to your insurance company in the form of a demand letter after you are fully recovered from your injuries. Evidence will establish credibility. A car accident lawyer could help you gather and present evidence that will benefit your claim. From the moment of your accident to the recovery process keeping track of these details is crucial:

  • Accident details: police reports, photos, witness statements, contact information
  • Medical records: injuries sustained, treatment, recovery, bills
  • Financial losses: loss of income, expenses
  • Personal suffering: excessive mental stress, physical pain

Car Accident Settlement Process: Negotiation & Settlement

Once your insurance company reviews your demand letter and evidence, they will begin to make monetary offers. The offers may be low at first as they try to prove your evidence isn’t worthy of a higher compensation. Having a lawyer will really benefit you in the negotiation process, being that they will:

  • Handle the process for you
  • Provide essential facts that highlight your evidence, and explain why your claim deserves more compensation
  • Negotiate with the insurance company to reach a compensation amount that you agree with

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