Careful, #BlackFriday 2013 Shoppers!

An estimated 97 million people are expected to hit the stores on Black Friday. If you’re one of them, please shop with caution! Black Friday, known as the “biggest shopping day of the year” in the U.S., is also infamous for the personal injuries caused by thousands of people pushing, shoving and fighting to get the best holiday deals.

Certain items, such as tablets, laptops, smartphones and PS4s are on the “most wanted” list this year, so if any of these items are on your shopping list, expect for the aisles to be crowded and the lines to be long. Take your time and don’t rush. And if people around you get tense or heated, be patient. If you bring children with you, keep them close. Children are vulnerable to getting trampled or hurt. Remember: Everyone is there for the same reason you are – and the holidays are supposed to be about good cheer.

Slip and falls are common injuries during the busy holiday season, so watch out for hazards like slippery floors, torn carpets or fallen products in aisles and walkways. Even though retailers are very busy during the holidays, it is still their responsibility to ensure that their stores are safe for shoppers – this includes mopping up puddles, putting items that have fallen back on the shelves, and adequately warning shoppers of any potential dangers.

Parking lots can be dangerous during the holidays, too. Pedestrian accidents, hit and runs, and car accidents are common. Everyone will be rushing to get the best parking spot and the chances of a car accident or pedestrian accident increase when people are driving in a hurry. Don’t try to jockey for a spot that another driver is aggressively pursuing – whether you have the right to it or not. A car accident will be a much bigger headache than waiting for another parking spot.

Holiday shoppers are also vulnerable to robberies, so leave the fancy jewelry, purses and other items that at home. Keep your wallet hidden from view – not in your back pocket – or tucked away in a crossbody purse. There’s strength in numbers, so if you have a lot of bags, make sure someone is with you when you walk to your car.

We hope your #BlackFriday is filled with joy and cheer, even while braving the holiday crowds. Remember, if you get hurt or get into a car accident while shopping, you could be eligible for financial compensation. Call 1-800-THE-LAW2 to get connected with an accident lawyer anytime. We’re open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.