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What Does an Immigration Lawyer do?

What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do? Immigration lawyers focus on issues facing those who would like to move and live in the U.S. or other countries permanently. In addition to immigration, these specialized attorneys also handle cases involving international business deals and getting visas for students and employees. Additionally, they assist people who want to […]

Immigrant Parents Sue: Texas Denies Birth Certificates

Immigrant Parents Sue: Texas Denies Birth Certificates to American-born Children Immigrant parents are suing because Texas denies birth certificates to children born in the United States. Immigrant parents with U.S.-born children rely heavily on their child’s birth certificate for school enrollment, access to Medicaid and other government services. Attorneys representing immigrant parents – mainly from Mexico, Guatemala […]

Preliminary Statistics Show 46,200 AB 60 Applicants

What is AB 60? In 2013 Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 60, The Safe and Responsible Driver Act into law. AB 60 requires the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to issue a driver’s license to any California resident who is eligible for a driver’s license, regardless of their immigration status. Under the new law taken […]