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How to Deal with and Avoid Police Brutality

What is Police Brutality? Police brutality occurs when police officers use excessive and/or unnecessary force against civilians. “Excessive force” does not have a specific definition but it is generally force that goes beyond what is necessary to handle a specific situation. While police brutality is often associated with physical harm, it can also include psychological […]

Chicago Police Brutality Victims Receive Justice

Chicago Police Brutality Victims Receive Justice Victims of Chicago police brutality during the 1970’s and 1980’s will soon be receiving an apology. On May 6th 2015, the City of Chicago decided to pay $5.5 million in reparations to victims of torture and abuse brought on by the notorious group of officers called the “Midnight Crew” in […]

Is Police Brutality on the Rise?

Everyone remembers Rodney King, for the wrong reasons. The now-deceased Mr. King became the unwitting poster figure for police brutality. Since then, there have been numerous accounts of police brutality captured on video – from California to Arkansas to New York. Just do a quick Google search of “police brutality” and you’ll see a whole […]