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New California Laws Taking Effect in 2019

Governor Brown signed more than 1,000 new laws which took effect after the new year. Every bill signed by the Governor took effect January 1, unless otherwise noted. It’s hard to keep track of all the new laws so we’re breaking the ones that may actually affect your day-to-day life. New California Labor Laws Senate […]

New REAL ID Law | Updated 1/14/19

Do I need a REAL ID? You’ll have two options the next time you renew your driver license or ID card. The DMV is now offering REAL ID Compliant Driver License/ID cards and Federal Non-Compliant Drivers License/ID cards. The deadline to get a REAL ID card will  be October 1, 2020. Department of Motor Vehicle […]

Safest Cars of 2019 and What Safety Features to Look out For

Aside from appearance and performance, most car buyers would rank safety as one of the most important factors to consider when car buying. We understand that keeping our families and pets safe depends on the safety of our transportation. But we may not fully understand what safety features to look out for. That’s why 1-800-THE-LAW2 is […]

California Among Worst in “Worst States to Drive In” Report

Source: WalletHub According to Wallethub, California ranked 47th on a best to worst ranking system. Outranked by only three states: Maryland, Washington and Hawaii. California performed the worst in categories like traffic, highest car theft rate, and highest average gas prices. California did rank number 1 in other categories like access to vehicles and maintenance, […]