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When Can You File a Claim for Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees after a work injury. When a workers’ compensation claim is eligible, the employer or insurance carrier must pay the injured employee for time away from work and medical expenses related to the work injury. Workers’ compensation laws are complex […]

Los Angeles Workers Compensation FAQs

Los Angeles Workers Compensation FAQs Q: I was injured at work, now what? A: Step 1: Report the injury or illness to your supervisor, manager or Human Resources department as soon as possible. The sooner you report your injury or illness, the easier it is to avoid problems and delays in receiving benefits, including medical […]

Overtime Pay Eligibility Expands

Overtime Pay Eligibility Expands The Wage and Hour division of the U.S. Department of Labor is proposing to update the regulations defining and delimiting the exemptions for “white collar” employees; therefore, expanding the overtime pay eligibility threshold. Under the proposed ruling, the White House aims to strengthen the middle class and tackle income inequality. Updating […]

Workplace Safety Tips Every Employee Should Know

Workplace injuries are quite common, and can happen in a blink of an eye. In fact, every seven seconds a worker is injured. Workplace injuries can be avoided with a safe work environment, incorporation of workplace safety tips, and communication among and between employees and employers. Workplace Safety – Protect Yourself Against Injuries For the […]

Workers’ Compensation Settlement – Real Stories

Workers’ Compensation Settlement: Real Stories If you were hurt at work, it’s easy to think that you can handle the claim on your own. But the workers’ compensation claims process is difficult to navigate and you will be up against a large company that has their own lawyers and own interests in mind. You need […]

Slip and Fall Accident in the Workplace

Often when we think slip and fall accident, we think personal injury. But what if a slip and fall occurs at work? If slip and fall refers to cases in which someone falls and suffers harm because of a dangerous condition on some else’s property, wouldn’t this include the workplace? It does, and it happens […]

“Can I get workers’ comp for carpal tunnel?”

Most people think that you have to have a life-altering injury in order to get workers’ compensation benefits. But the reality is a large percentage of workers’ compensation claims are for injuries that develop gradually because of an activity that’s part of a person’s everyday job. One example is carpal tunnel syndrome, a type of […]

12 Workers Comp Claim Facts Everyone Should Know

12 Facts to Know When Considering Filing a Workers Comp Claim Every year, millions of people get injured at work. By law employers are required to purchase workers comp insurance to cover their employee’s injuries. Under workers comp employees injured in the workplace may be eligible for benefits. In order to obtain these benefits they […]

California Hospital Workers Report High Rates of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

According to a recent study by the Workers’ Compensation Institute, hospital workers accounted for 14 percent of carpal tunnel workmans comp claims in California from 2008-2011. Sixty percent of all workers’ comp claims in California are made by professionals, clerical workers, manufacturing workers and mercantile workers. The Mayo Clinic defines carpal tunnel syndrome as “a […]

Secondhand Asbestos Exposure Affecting Women and Children

It has long been established that direct exposure to asbestos is a health hazard directly linked to serious diseases, including mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis. More recently, however, medical physicians have noticed an increasing number of secondhand asbestos exposure cases among women and children who never worked directly with or around asbestos. Asbestos may be […]