Dog Bite Laws in California

dog bite laws in california

dog bite laws in california

Know Your Rights: Dog Bite Laws in California

California is one of the most dog friendly states in the U.S., with numerous dog parks, dog walkable areas and dog friendly businesses. Almost 40 percent of Los Angeles families own dogs, and Santa Monica was ranked the fifth most dog friendly city nationwide, according to BellaDOG magazine. But dog bite laws in California are some of the strictest around – particularly on dog owners.

California operates the “strict liability law,” which means that dog owners are held responsible if their dog bites someone. Whether the dog bite occurs in public or on private property, or if it happens out of the owner’s presence, the owner of a dog can still be held liable. Because of California’s strict dog registration laws, dog owners can be quickly traced.

People fail to report dog bites for a number of reasons. The dog might belong to a neighbor or friend, or the victim might be afraid that the dog will be destroyed. Too often, it is the victim that bears the physical and financial responsibility that a dog bite causes.

It doesn’t have to be this way. A skilled personal injury can help you get compensation and resolve a dog bite claim with the least amount of friction possible. Plus, in California, dogs are only destroyed if it is the absolute last resort. In most cases, dog bite laws in California will order dog owners to properly restrain their dogs.

If you or someone you know gets bitten by a dog, don’t be afraid to get the compensation you deserve. Call 1-800-THE-LAW2 and we’ll connect you with a dog bite lawyer who has the skills and experience to settle your claim in a way that keeps the peace – and the dog’s life.