When to File a Class Action Lawsuit

Filing Class Action Lawsuits

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A “class action” lawsuit is one in which a group of people with similar injuries caused by the same product or action sue the defendant as a group, or “class.” Generally, filing class action lawsuits occurs when numerous individuals suffer from the same or similar injuries. Oftentimes, many of the individuals’ injuries are relatively minor, such that the individual may not pursue legal action on their own. However, together, the collective value of the claims consolidates and lower the often-high cost of filing class action lawsuits. For as former United States Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas stated, “The class action is one of the few legal remedies the small claimant has against those who command the status quo.”

Why Class Action?

At times, filing class action lawsuits can be the sole means of enabling persons, even those with serious injuries, to remedy injustices committed by powerful, multi-million dollar corporations and institutions. The benefit of the class action vehicle is in its efficacy, bringing together claims that are impractical to litigate individually, lowers the cost of litigation to the consumer, brings together highly trained and experienced attorneys, and ensures that all injured individuals receive some type of compensation after the case settles.

Filing Class Action Lawsuits: Do You Have a Claim?

Our attorneys have experience protecting consumers in a wide variety of class action lawsuits. Some examples of a class action claims include:

  • Recalled drugs due to undisclosed ingredients with harmful side-effects
  • Defective cars, tires, and other auto components
  • Purchase of a defective product, deceived by false advertisement or manipulative business practices
  • Homes or businesses exposed to toxins
  • Employees subject to practice racial, age and/or gender discrimination by their employer
  • Unpaid overtime wages
  • Loss of savings due to securities fraud

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