Graco Car Seat Recall


Graco Car Seat Recall

Graco Car Seat Recall: The Facts

When you buy a product you expect that it will work as advertised, but sometimes due to a manufacturer’s error, products may be be defective. Graco recently announced a recall for certain models of car seats. As a parent the last thing you want to do is put your child in harm’s way, but even if you take every precaution you can’t defend against a faulty product.

The Graco car seat recall includes 3.7 million infant and toddler car seats produced between 2009-2013. These car seats were produced with a harness buckle that becomes stuck and is difficult to release. This may seem like a minor issue, but a fussy baby stuck in a car seat can make for a stressful situation and when trying to forcefully remove your child they could become injured. A difficult buckle can really become an issue if you and your family were involved in a car accident you’re trying to get your baby out of their car seat and away from harm

Free Replacements

The good news is that no accident or injuries have been reported with regards to the safety of Graco’s car seat harness buckle. Graco is offering a free replacement buckle to families who have purchased their product. All you have to do is find out here whether your particular car seat has been affected by this recall.

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