Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Made Easy

hiring a workers compensation lawyer

Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When should you get a lawyer after you’ve been hurt at work? The answer is simple: As soon as possible!

The sooner you get a workers’ compensation lawyer, the better he or she can help protect your legal rights, help you receive proper medical care, make sure your accident is properly reported, and help maximize the workers’ compensation benefits you receive.

What are the Next Steps After hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

In addition to contacting an attorney right after your work accident, you must notify your employer within 30 days of an injury, or as soon as you learn or believe your injury was caused by your job. If you don’t report your injury within 30 days, you could lose your right to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Missing this deadline could potentially cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical care, disability payments and lost wages. And not immediately seeking medical help could cause your injury to worsen.

Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer: What Are the Benefits?

Workers’ compensation covers wage replacement, medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation and other benefits to workers (and/or their dependents) that experience work-related injury or occupational disease.

Many factors determine the amount of one’s workers’ compensation disability benefit including the seriousness of one’s injury, how long one is disabled, and how much money one would earn if it weren’t for the work injury. In California, one can receive up to $3,900 a month in workers’ compensation benefits.

The workers’ compensation system can be confusing, frustrating, and it could take months, even years, before your claim is finally settled. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can be responsible for dealing with your employer’s insurance company, help arrange medical evaluations, get you to the right doctors, and represent you at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB).

Temporary and permanent disability benefits will not cover your lost wages 100 percent, so the sooner you are medically well enough to return to work the better it can be for you, your family, and your overall quality of life.

If you’ve been injured at work, get proper medical attention as soon as possible. And as soon as you’re able, get legal help to be sure your rights – medical and legal – are fully protected as well.

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PS: One last piece of information you must always keep in mind: Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony in California subject to up to 5 years in prison or a fine of up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.
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