Immigration Update: Great News for STEM Act Candidates!

On November 30th, the U.S. House of Representatives approved up to 55,000 additional green cards for the most “highly qualified foreign graduates of American universities with advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math.”

The legislation allows spouses and children of legal residents to come to the U.S. after one year of waiting for their green cards. Students with families and children have priority.

Before the STEM Act, only about 80,000 green cards were allotted to qualifying individuals. This additional 55,000 is a step towards filling the needs of approximately 300,000 people who need or are waiting for green cards.

The STEM Act arrives on the heels Obama’s recent executive order to defer action against individuals who would have qualified for the DREAM Act, had it passed.

So how can qualified individuals take advantage of these immigration reforms? Your best bet is to talk to an immigration lawyer – not a paralegal but an actual immigration lawyer. While a paralegal may be able to help file your paperwork, an immigration lawyer can decipher confusing legal jargon and determine exactly what you qualify for (and what you don’t), and map out the right plan of action for you.

Our immigration lawyers were right there helping DREAM Act qualified candidates take advantage of deferred action. If you qualify for the STEM Act, we can connect you with an experienced immigration lawyer in your area!