Need a Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer

A Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer Can Help You!

For the period 2000-2014 the total number of reported Workers’ Compensation claims in Los Angeles amounted to 2,656,419. A 25.9% increase in total claims filed within this period.

Workers Compensation is an employer’s legal responsibility to pay for your damages if you experienced a work-related injury or illness. Were you injured while working on a construction site? Hurt while operating a machine at work? Exposed to a toxin at work and now have a chronic disease? Did you slip and fall at work? These work-related injuries are all incidents eligible for workers’ compensation.

You May Need a Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer for the following:

  • Physical injury
  • Repetitive stress injuries (including carpal tunnel)
  • Diseases contracted as a result of exposure to a toxin at work
  • Temporary and/or permanent disease
  • Vocational rehabilitation

Here’s What a Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer Can do For You:

A Los Angeles workers compensation lawyer will interview you to learn about your work accident and determine if you have a case. He or she can educate you on your rights and what is involved in making a workers compensation claim. A Los Angeles workers compensation lawyer can also collect your medical records, payroll information and any additional files related your work injury.

Your attorney will be experienced in analyzing the legal issues, such as willful misconduct, negligence and medical causation. Rather than being burdened with dealing with your employer’s workers compensation insurance company, your attorney will communicate with them on your behalf to notify and update them on your claim. Your attorney will also be able to prepare you and any witnesses related to your injury or accident for your workers compensation hearing.

If You Experienced an Injury or Accident at Work, Call 1-800-THE-LAW2 Today!

Los Angeles Workers Compensation lawyers protect your rights and help you along the claims process! Call 1-800-THE-LAW2 at1-800-THE-LAW2 to get a free legal consultation from an experienced Los Angeles workers compensation lawyer. Our workers compensation lawyers have helped thousands of injured workers receive: payment for lost income, medical payment or reimbursement, damages for the loss of a family member, or compensation for past and future financial loss.

Every minute counts! If you wait too long to file a workers compensation claim, you may lose your right to file one at all. Protect yourself before it’s too late – call 1-800-THE-LAW2¿Hablas Español? No hay problema. ¡Visite el sitio de Los Defensores para una consulta legal gratuita y obtén la compensación que te mereces!



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