Personal Injury Protection Insurance

Personal injury protection insurance is an additional option offered with car insurance. This extension is proposed to drivers in order to protect the insured by covering medical expenses, and in many cases, lost wages, that arise from car accidents. Automobile accidents can be life-changing. Whether it’s the financial pressure and/or the physical, mental, and emotional injuries that the driver is left with, it is undoubtedly a stressful and difficult time for all parties involved. This type of coverage is also known as no-fault coverage, since its fundamental extensiveness covers claims, regardless of which driver is at fault in the accident. This means, that whether or not the accident was caused by the insured or not, he or she will receive maximum coverage for their injuries and lost wages.

The range and extent of coverage offered in Personal Injury Protection Insurance varies by state. This means that certain treatments are covered in certain states, where they would not be in others. In the thirteen states of New York, Massachusetts, Kansas, The District of Columbia, Michigan, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Utah and Florida PIP is mandatory. In other states, drivers have the option to add Personal Injury Protection to their automobile insurance, but it is not required.

One of the main reasons these states require Personal Injury Protection is to alleviate the number of cases filed against drivers who are at fault. Unfortunately, with so many car accidents occurring daily, the number of individual cases filed against drivers is extensive.

What other benefits does PIP insurance offer? Another element of car accidents that personal injury protection insurance eases is removing the question of which driver is at fault out of the equation altogether. When a driver is covered with PIP, the blame doesn’t need to be placed on either driver, which is most often half the battle. Whether the insured driver is the cause of the incident or not, his or her medical expenses and lost wages will be covered. Could you imagine how much smoother the process would be without worrying about your fault or responsibility in the accident? PIP eliminates much of the stress involved during such an already difficult and unfortunate circumstance. Simply, the driver’s policy covers the injuries to that driver based exclusively on his or her needs.

Although this sounds like a no-brainer for all drivers, the main hurdle when it comes to Personal Injury Protection for most is the cost. Naturally, this type of comprehensive coverage and protection comes at a significantly higher price tag than liability or collision insurance. For this reason, drivers are encouraged to do thorough research, shop around, and comprehensively compare various types of coverage before making a decision that could greatly impact their finances and quality of life in the future. Car insurance should be an educated decision that is made after extensive examination and inquiry. Don’t limit yourself to the advice and information provided by a single agent. The Internet can serve as the best research when you’re in the market for the best car insurance for your future and financial state.