Ross Janitor Files Lawsuit with California Wage Lawyer

California wage lawyer

A California Wage Lawyer Protects Workers’ Rights

Three residents of Oakland, California have filed a lawsuit against Ross Dress for Less. They are alleging that the retail chain has violated California employment labor law by underfunding janitorial services through its sub-contractor USM, which provides janitorial services for 1,000 Ross stores. Underfunding janitorial services has led to the hiring of immigrant workers who are paid inadequately under California and federal fair wage provisions.

The lawsuit accuses Ross of purposefully shortchanging USM, an act that renders the sub-contractor unable to hire qualified janitors and comply with local, state and federal labor laws, such as fair wages and overtime pay. In order to meet janitorial demands, USM has resorted to hiring immigrant workers who are paid reduced wages and denied overtime – both of which are violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act and California labor law.

The three plaintiffs reportedly received their paychecks late or were not paid for overtime work. All three janitors were hired through USM.

Under California labor law and federal wage provisions under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), workers are ensured adequate pay within the eyes of the law. When an employer fails to meet these standards, workers have options – including the right to pursue a lawsuit.

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