What to Do if You’re Denied SSDI Benefits

It’s estimated that up to 85 percent of SSDI claims are rejected the first time they’re submitted. When you’re hurt and out of work, any delay in SSDI benefits makes it tough to pay the bills and to buy food and other necessities. Don’t risk being denied a second time. Hire a SSDI lawyer.

A SSDI lawyer can significantly increase your chances of getting the SSDI benefits you deserve by helping you file an appeal. Filing an appeal to a denied SSDI claim is not the same as reapplying for benefits. Reapplying for SSDI benefits starts the process all over again, whereas appealing sends your case to a judge for evaluation. At this stage, the chances of being awarded benefits are much higher – the Social Security Administration estimates that 60 percent of claimants are awarded benefits at this level in the process. You can ensure that your appeal falls on the positive side of those statistics by working with a SSDI lawyer. In fact, about 90 percent of claimants hire a SSDI lawyer for their appeals.

With SSDI appeals, it’s critical that you act fast. You have only 60 days after receiving a denial to file an appeal, and the process involves additional paperwork. Your SSDI lawyer will make sure that the paperwork is properly completed and includes all the information and detail required to get your appeal approved. Although filling out paperwork might seem like a no-brainer, it’s the top reason why SSDI claims are denied.

Besides explaining the various SSDI claim procedures and requirements, your SSDI lawyer can help you:

  • Describe your injury with important details that help prove your need for SSDI benefits
  • Make sure all of your medical records and history are included in the paperwork
  • Stay on top of providing required updates to your SSDI case worker
  • Keep your medical records and other important records organized

Being denied your SSDI benefits can give you a headache, but a SSDI lawyer will give you peace of mind. Call us and we’ll put you in touch with a compassionate, experienced SSDI lawyer today: 1-800-THE-LAW2.