Teen Driver Awareness : Causes, Consequences and Caution

Teen Driver

January is National Teen Driver Awareness Month

Teen Driver Awareness Month, along with National Teen Driver Safety Week (October) and Distracted Driving Awareness Month (April) raises awareness and looks to bring forth solutions to preventable injuries and fatalities on the road.

Is Teen Driving Really a Problem?

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for 15-19 year olds in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 2,270 teens ages 16-19 were killed and 221,313 were treated in emergency rooms for injuries related to a car accident.

Causes, Consequences and Caution

Common causes in teen car accidents include:

  • inexperience
  • distractions while driving
  • speeding
  • texting

The serious injuries and fatalities associated with these accidents are often a result of the lack of seat belt use by teen drivers and passengers.

Often times, parents are the ones who are seriously affected by the consequences for their teen’s poor choices. These consequences can include:

  • the cost of auto insurance increases
  • suspension of license or permit
  • loss of driving privileges
  • injuries or fatality

The best practice to combat the problem is to exercise caution. As a parent teach your teen signs of unsafe driving and how to spot unsafe drivers, and as a teen driver it’s important to focus on the road. Getting regular maintenance on your vehicle can also help to keep it running gin tip-top shape and avoid additional risks while driving.

Teen drivers should always:

  • obey speed limits
  • wear a seatbelt
  • consider other drivers
  • be aware and alert
  • watch for pedestrians
  • avoid cellphone use
  • keep their hands on the wheel
  • avoid unnecessary lane changes

In addition to these tips, GPS trackers have been developed to help give parents peace of mind. Some of the functions of the GPS tracker include:

  • aggressive driving report
  • mileage report
  • weather updates
  • traffic alerts
  • hands-free communication
  • fuel usage reports
  • vehicle maintenance reminders

Educating teen drivers about the risks and consequences of distracted driving however remains an important tool.

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