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The Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections in Texas

March 3rd, 2017 by

An intersection-related crash is a traffic crash in which the event both occurs while approaching or exiting an intersection, and results from a behavior, or action related to the movement through the intersection. When looking at data for Texas, this definition includes intersections of freeways, on and off-ramps and service streets, as well as major thoroughfares and country roads.

Houston takes the top three spots when it comes to the most dangerous intersections in Texas.

  • 1) Bissonnet Street
  • 2) Hardy Road
  • 3) Sam Houston

Bissonnet Street had 335 crashes and 263 injuries, followed by  Hardy Road/Sam Houston and Westheimer/Sam Houston. In addition to Westheimer and Bissonnet, ten other intersections on the western portion of Beltway 8 ranked within the top 50. In total, the 19 Beltway 8 intersections saw about 2,700 car accidents and 2,000 injuries, including five deaths.

Fourth, fifth, and tenth ranks went to San Antonio. Loop 1604 at I-10, Braun, and Bandera were the scenes of about 650 crashes, 370 injuries, and one death. Houston also took spots six through nine in the following order:

  • 6) Main Street and South Loop with approximately 206 crashes, 147 injuries, and one death
  • 7) Greens Road and IH 45 with 176 crashes and 156 injuries
  • 8) Main Street and Sam Houston Parkway with 166 crashes, 154 injuries, and one death
  • 9) Beechnut Street and Sam Houston Parkway with 189 crashes and 136 injuries

There are several reasons that may explain why Houston ended up dominating much of the list, including seven of the top ten spots. Houston saw a sizable population growth between 2012-2015, adding almost half a million people. During these years, data shows a 42 percent increase in intersection-related accidents – from 21,524 in 2012 up to 30,583 in 2015. Constant road construction may also be a cause for increased accidents, leading some experts to believe that the city is in the midst of a traffic crisis.