Toy Safety Tips for Children This Holiday Season

Toy Safety

This holiday season make sure you are aware of children’s toys that can pose safety hazards. According to a study published in Clinical Pediatrics, between 1990 and 2011 over three million children suffered injuries from toys and were sent to the Emergency Room. Every 3 minutes a child or teen under the age of 18 is admitted into the ER with a toy-related injury. Preventing injuries can be difficult, but following basic toy safety precautions can reduce the likelihood of a serious injury.

Ride-On Toy Safety Tips

Some of the most dangerous toys this year for children are ride-on toys including scooters, tricycles, and motor-powered children’s vehicles. According to the Clinical Pediatrics, 43 percent of children’s hospital admissions resulted from ride-on toys. Without proper safety equipment and supervision, the chance of serious injuries increases. Since ride-on toys are very popular among children, there are precautions that should be taken to ensure their safety:

  • Supervise children while they play with toys inside or outside
  • Enforce helmet use with ride-on toys
  • Only let children use ride-on toys in open areas away from traffic
  • Encourage pay during daylight hours

Toy Safety Tips for Younger Children

The most dangerous toys this year for younger children are toys with small parts that could be choking hazards. According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, nearly 14 young children are treated every day after swallowing or inhaling toys or small parts. Be sure to supervise children while they play with the toys, and make sure toys for different age groups are kept separate. When shopping this year, it is essential to check age recommendations. Take precautions, and avoid purchasing toys with these qualities.

  • Sharp edges and points
  • Small parts
  • Cords and strings
  • Propelled objects
  • Electronic toys
  • Loud noises

Keep children safe this holiday season, encourage safety wear and be mindful when purchasing toys. With all children’s toys, it is important to check for toy recalls.


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