We love dogs – but not when they bite.

Dog bite

It’s estimated that nearly 5 million people a year experience a dog bite. Certain breeds of dogs may be more dangerous than others. A 2011 study by Animal People revealed that pit bull terriers and Rottweilers accounted for 74% of fatal attacks.

Although both children and adults are severely injured from dog bites and dog attacks, children are at greatest risk. Kids typically play with dogs more often than adults and are more likely to unknowingly engage with dogs in ways that can make a dog aggressive. Children are also less able to protect themselves against an aggressive dog.

A dog bite or dog attack can cause severe injuries requiring multiple doctor’s visits and even surgeries. As though the physical pain and emotional trauma aren’t enough, the medical expenses incurred from a dog bite can cause tremendous stress on your finances. As with any injury, taking the time to heal is critical. In the case of a dog bite, however, protecting your family’s future from a financial drain is also imperative.

This is a time when a dog bite lawyer can be your best friend. A dog bite lawyer with experience can help you recoup medical costs, as well as costs for property damage, time off work, rehabilitation and permanent or temporary disability. In dog bite cases, accountability rests with the dog owner and costs are typically recovered from a homeowner’s insurance policy. This is a complex process that’s best handled by a professional – a dog bite lawyer.

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