What Does an Immigration Lawyer do?

What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?

Immigration lawyers focus on issues facing those who would like to move and live in the U.S. or other countries permanently. In addition to immigration, these specialized attorneys also handle cases involving international business deals and getting visas for students and employees. Additionally, they assist people who want to obtain citizenship or are seeking asylum from their home countries.

How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help You

Immigration lawyers will interpret the law, help you explore your rights, possibilities, and strategies, while guiding you through the entire process of complex immigration issues. Your attorney will prepare the paperwork on your behalf and give detailed explanations regarding the documents and information you will need to provide to proceed with your case. They make sure all the information presented in various forms and documents are consistent, clear, and accurate. Tackling these documents and details on your own can turn a small mistake or typo into a big hurdle for you to overcome on your own.

Get Help When Applying for Citizenship

An immigration lawyer helps to manage the process of applying for citizenship for their clients. Complex and time-consuming, it may take up to seven years from beginning to end. An attorney will assist with citizenship tests and scheduling dates, obtaining immediate access to citizenship during emergency situations and represent you in court.

Don’t Face Removal Alone

If you find yourself in deportation or removal proceedings, a lawyer will work hard to find every possible avenue of relief, prepare you for court appearances, write briefs arguing the law on your behalf, and spend hours in the hearings with you. In these critical cases, having an advocate who can defend your rights can make the difference between deportation and permission to remain in the country.