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It’s perfectly reasonable to expect to be treated with respect and decency at work. In fact, employment law — a set of laws, restrictions, rulings and precedents – ensures that you are protected from employment abuses and indiscretions. But you have to exercise those rights to benefit from them. Hiring an experienced employment lawyer is one of the best ways to protect your rights – and recover compensation for lost income, medical expenses, rehabilitation fees, emotional distress and other damages that result from a work-related matter.

Our employment lawyers are experienced professionals you can trust. They have successfully mediated, negotiated and litigated various types of employment law cases, including:

  • Personal Injury – Cases in which an employee is hurt on the job due to negligence and is entitled to receive workers comp and/or disability benefits.
  • Discrimination – Cases in which an employee is adversely affected because of age, race, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, pregnancy, disability and other protected classifications.
  • Sexual Harassment – Cases in which an employee receives unwanted sexual advances or attention from a boss or fellow employee.
  • Wrongful Termination – Cases in which the termination of an employee was based on discrimination, refusing to perform an illegal or unsafe act, exercising union rights, taking a pregnancy leave and other discriminatory reasons.
  • Wage Disputes – Cases in which there is a dispute about wages between an employee and management.
  • Family Medical Leave – Cases in which an employee is denied access to rights provided by the Family Medical Leave Act.
  • Pregnancy Disability Leave – Cases in which a pregnant woman was disabled by her pregnancy and denied paid leave.

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Why It’s Better to Have an Employment Lawyer

1. Get the results you want faster. Employment laws can be complex and confusing, and there are many laws that you may not be aware of. An employment attorney’s in-depth knowledge of employment law can eliminate guesswork and expedite your claim.

2. Have everything taken care of for you. It can be uncomfortable negotiating with an employer or advocating on your own behalf, whether it’s about an employment agreement, severance package or another matter. Your employment attorney can do all of that for you.

3. Stay on track – and on schedule. There are several deadlines and requirements to meet in employment law cases. When you have an attorney on your side, it’s easy to stay on track.

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