Labor Lawyer

Slip and fall injuries at work can leave you unable to perform your daily tasks on the job. A labor lawyer is an attorney who specializes in work accident cases and workers’ compensation claims. A lawyer may get you money and benefits to help pay your bills after an accident on the job site. Workplace accidents are responsible for thousands of serious injuries, and sometimes, fatalities every year. An experienced labor lawyer from 1-800-THE-LAW2 may be able to help you if you are injured in an accident at work. Get connected with our team of lawyers by sending us an email or using the chat feature on our homepage.

On Your Side

Many people are unaware of their rights after an accident. You may not know where to start when it comes to filing a claim. Oftentimes, workers’ compensation cases become complicated and confusing. You should never file a claim without an experienced labor lawyer. You have a very limited amount of time to file a workers’ compensation claim after an accident at work. It is important to contact our network of lawyers right away after an accident.

When to File

There are strict deadlines for filing a workers’ compensation claim. When you miss a filing deadline, you may be sacrificing your rights to claim benefits. You need a lawyer to protect your rights and follow the legal procedures to file claim. A labor lawyer handles a variety of workers’ compensation claims and works to protect accident victims. Our network of lawyers is ready to help you file a claim related to a personal injury, repetitive stress injuries, diseases contracted as a result of exposure to toxins, temporary or permanent disability and vocational rehabilitation. Hesitating to file a claim or to seek medical help may forfeit your rights to compensation and benefits. Contact a labor lawyer at 1-800-THE-LAW2 immediately following an injury related to a workplace accident.

Other Cases

Labor lawyers deal with more than workers’ compensation claims. They work to protect your rights. Workplace incidents don’t always result in personal injury cases. A labor lawyer may be available to handle your wrongful termination case. There are many reasons why a wrongful termination lawsuit may be opened. Some of the most common reasons employers wrongfully terminate their employees include: pregnancy, whistle blowing, working overtime, religious preference, disability, race, gender or national origin. A labor lawyer may help you recover back pay, compensatory damages and even job reinstatement. If you think you have been wrongfully terminated from your job for any reason, or suffered a work related injury, contact 1-800-THE-LAW2. Ask questions and find out what a worker compensation or labor lawyer can do for you.