Kern Auto Accident Lawyer

Kern Auto Accident Lawyer

What to do after a Kern Auto Accident

There are actions you must take after a Kern auto accident to increase your chances of a fair settlement. Without the proper documentation of injuries and property damage as a result of the accident, your claim is weakened.

Dealing with injuries and medical expenses following a Kern auto accident can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. A Kern Auto accident lawyer can help you every step of the way, from filing a personal injury claim to representing you in court.

Speaking with a Kern auto accident lawyer after an accident is your best line of defense. In order to make sure that your lawyer can put up the best fight for you, these are some steps you should take immediately after an accident:

  • Stay at the scene and gather information: names and contact information of witnesses, as well as the contact and insurance information of the other driver
  • Make note of the date and time of the accident and any important details concerning the accident
  • Take photographs of the accident: this includes the location, property damage and injuries
  • Contact the police to get a police report
  • DO NOT admit fault
  • Contact a Kern auto accident lawyer

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A Kern Auto Accident Lawyer Could Get You the Compensation You Deserve

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