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Product liability lawyer

What Can a Product Liability Lawyer Do for You?

Defective products cause nearly 30 million injuries and over 22,000 fatalities each year, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

A defective product is considered a product liability if someone involved in the manufacturing or distribution is responsible for injuries or damages caused by that product.

Defective products can include anything from toys and children products to home maintenance and construction supplies.

Here are some of recent recalls for popular but defective products:

  • Electric Blankets
  • Tylenol®
  • Ford Explorers and Firestone Tires
  • Infantino® Baby Slings
  • Toyota’s faulty brake pedals
  • Dell Notebook Batteries

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Defective Product Liability Claims

Not all product liability claims are related to design defects. There are several types of defective product liability claims, including:

Manufacturing Defects- These types of defects are usually the most difficult to identify, but our product liability lawyers are experienced in determining which company to take action against and building a case against whoever is liable, whether it be the supplier or distributer.

Design Defects- This occurs when a product is created with unreasonably dangerous design. Some products are made to be dangerous, like saws. But if the manufacture failed to apply a safety guard, then the saw could be considered unreasonably dangerous.

Breach of Warranty – Manufacturers or retailers often make promises regarding a product’s value or usefulness. If this promise is broken, buyers may have a claim for damages and is not required to prove negligence.

Strict Products Liability– Manufacturers are responsible for the safety of their products, and are liable even if they are able to show that they take highest care in manufacturing. Common products that manufacturers are held strictly responsible for include: infant products, clothing, automobiles, food and cribs.

Failure to warn – Products can become dangerous if they are used in a way that the manufacturer did not intend, but the manufacturer still has a duty to warn the customer of any potential risks. A failure to warn the consumer could result in a claim for damages.

False Marketing – If false claims are made during the marketing of products, or there is a failure to warn consumers of potential risks, the manufacturers and retailers could be held liable.

Hidden Defects – A hidden defect is unknown to the manufacturer and consumer but appears after the product has been in use. If the hidden defect is unreasonably dangerous to consumers, the manufacturer is liable. If the manufacturer fails to recall the product in a timely manner after defect has become apparent, the manufacturer could become subject to an additional claim of negligence.

Fatal Defects – There are a number of ways that fatal defects appear in products. Some common examples include vehicles that are “top heavy” in design, causing them to flip during an accident; buildings that are made with asbestos-containing building materials, causing mesothelioma cancer; and smoke detectors that don’t go off when they’re supposed to.

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Statute of Limitations

Product liability cases have a statute of limitations, meaning you must make sure to file your claim within a certain timeframe in order to be eligible for compensation. Limitations vary state-by-state. In California, for example, the limitation is four years for a written contract, two years for an oral contact, two years for an injury and three years for property damage. Be mindful that there may also be secondary time limits. A product liability lawyer can advise you on time limits and filing requirements.

Free Consultation with a Product Liability Lawyer

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