Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

semi truck accident lawyer

Los Angeles Semi Truck Accident Lawyers

Accidents with semi-trucks are typically far worse than car accidents. The injuries are more serious, and there is a greater likelihood of accident fatalities when a semi-truck is involved. Semi-truck accidents are typically more complex than car accidents, involving multiple vehicles, drivers and passengers; numerous insurance companies; and a lot of confusion about fault. This is why injured victims should always talk to a Los Angeles semi truck accident lawyer.

A semi truck accident lawyer can help build a case to show negligence by thoroughly investigating the details of the accident, interviewing witnesses, consulting with specialists and reviewing police reports. This is crucial information to have because semi-truck accidents can occur for a variety of reasons.

Additionally, your lawyer can help determine the true amount of compensation you are due. More often than not, insurance companies make settlement offers that are far less than what you are legally entitled to receive. Don’t let that happen to you.

With a semi truck accident lawyer on your side, you could discover that you have claims involving numerous parties and entities — not just insurance. The following are some examples:

  • The driver of the semi-truck
  • Other drivers involved in the accident
  • The trucking company that owns the truck
  • The government entity that maintains the road
  • The manufacturer of a car or truck
  • The trucking company’s maintenance service

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Serious Injuries & Wrongful Death Claims

Semi-trucks weigh tens of thousands of pounds, making the risk of serious injuries and death much greater for drivers and passengers in cars and other motor vehicles. While truck drivers often walk away from accidents uninjured or with minor injuries, those in a smaller vehicle are usually not so lucky.

Serious injuries from truck accidents often involve brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, broken bones and damage to internal organs. Many truck accidents result in death.

Accident victims who have suffered serious injuries and families who lost a loved one in a semi-truck accident should seek legal representation as soon as possible. Immediate and future medical expenses, time off work, rehabilitation and property damage add up fast. Burial expenses and the loss of future income can also cause serious financial burdens on families that lose loved ones. A semi truck accident lawyer can help ease some of that stress.

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