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3 Considerations for Your Personal Injury Dispute in Oakland, CA

If have injuries from an accident in Oakland or the San Francisco Bay area, then California law may entitle you to damages as compensation for your losses. These losses can vary quite substantially from case to case. They may include: wage loss, loss of earning capacity, medical expenses, pain and suffering, property loss, and more.  

Personal injury is a broad category that covers a wide range of disputes, from motor vehicle accidents to slip and falls, and so forth. It is a heavily litigated area of civil law that benefits from dynamic legal representation.

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1. California Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations, like in California, is of critical importance to every civil case. This includes personal injury disputes and lawsuits. Though the CA statute of limitations varies depending on the nature of the legal claim, it serves as a “deadline” for it.

If you file to bring your legal claims before the deadline passes, then the court will automatically dismiss your claims, should you bring it at a later date. This action prevents any recovery in a court of law. As such, you must seek legal assistance in a timely manner, and before the statute of limitations period runs out.

Note: there are exceptions to this that will apply under limited circumstances. If you delayed filing your injury claim, consult an Oakland personal injury attorney to evaluate whether one of these exceptions may apply.

2. Social Media Concerns

This may come as a surprise to some first-time personal injury plaintiffs, but the defendant’s law firm is likely keeping track of your social media profiles. Also, they may hire a private investigator to “tail” you in public. Defense firms engage in these less-than-savory methods in an attempt to catch you behaving in a way that conflicts with your injury narrative.

For example, if you claim your back injury prevents you from working, but you post pictures on social media of your flag football game from over the weekend, the defendant might introduce that as evidence. It could show that your injuries are not as severe as you claim.

3. Medical Follow-Through

Failure to “follow-through” with your medical diagnostics and treatment plan can seriously undermine your personal injury claim.

Not only will the defendant attempt to argue that your injury is potentially illegitimate, they will also attempt to argue the negative impacts of your injury. They may argue that the severity of these impacts was heightened by your failure to follow through on treatment. Pursuant to this argument, they will attempt to show that they aren’t liable for most of the damages.

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Oakland Accident Statistics

Oakland, CA suffers from a variety of unique traffic-related issues that give rise to motor vehicle accidents on a large scale.

According to data reported by the City of Oakland, for example, just 6 percent of Oakland’s streets contributed to more than 60 percent of the accidents. This speaks to the significant dangers inherent to specific roadways and neighborhoods in the Oakland area — those who suffer injuries in these areas may be able to sue the government for failing to correct the dangers (especially as the government would have had more than adequate notice that there was a problem).

Interestingly, the same report found that speeding contributed to 25 percent of fatal crashes in the city, and found that 75 percent of severe or fatal injuries (in the motor vehicle context) occurred at intersections. Pedestrians are at a heightened risk of injury in Oakland, and must be especially cautious.

Contact an Experienced Lawyer

If you’ve suffered losses due to another’s fault, then the law may entitle you to sue the responsible parties and recover damages as compensation. As the case develops, however, you may find that it is more complex — and more challenging — than you initially thought.

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