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Comparative Fault and Personal Injury in Orange County, CA

If you have injuries from an accident in Orange County, California, you may be entitled to significant damages as personal injury compensation for your losses. Accident cases are dynamic and can be challenging. Over the course of litigation, the injury dispute is very likely to evolve. For that reason, it is critical to work with an Orange County personal injury lawyer at an early stage. 

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What Is Comparative Fault? 

Comparative fault can be a confusing concept for first-time plaintiffs, but it is rather straightforward once you dig into it. In simple terms, it is a system designed to evaluate liability in a case where multiple parties are at-fault for the accident. 

The state of California implements a form of comparative fault known as Pure Comparative Fault.  This makes it much friendlier to plaintiffs than some other states that implement stricter rules. 

What Is Pure Comparative Fault?

Essentially, pure comparative fault does not punish an injured plaintiff for being partially at-fault for the accident. In fact, the plaintiff is entitled to recover damages even if they’ve been partially negligent

For example, suppose that you are injured in a motor vehicle collision. The defendant is mostly at-fault, but you were also speeding at the time of the accident. In California, the court will not preclude you from recovering damages. They will simply reduce your damages recovery by the percentage fault that you’re responsible for. 

In the pure comparative fault system, you can be 99 percent at-fault and still sue and recover damages to secure compensation for the defendant’s one percent contribution of fault. 

How Does Pure Comparative Fault Impact a Personal Injury Case? 

Pure comparative fault is extremely favorable to plaintiffs, in that your partial fault should not stop you from pursuing justice. If the defendant injured you through their negligence, recklessness, or intentional misconduct, you are entitled to damages. 

Now, pure comparative fault may reduce your damages recovery depending on how at-fault you are as a plaintiff. For example, suppose that you’re injured in a motor vehicle collision, and you suffer damages worth $100,000. The court determines that you are 50 percent at-fault for the accident. You’d be entitled to recover only 50 percent (the amount that the defendant is responsible for), or $50,000. 

In some personal injury cases, a contribution of fault that is very significant (i.e., 50 percent or more) can also reduce your chances of winning the case due to the jury’s bias. A jury may see you as an unsympathetic if you were equally (or more) responsible for the accident than the defendant that you’re suing. 

Though challenging, it is possible to achieve litigation goals through skilled advocacy. To develop an effective injury case strategy, you will want to work closely with your personal injury attorney. 

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Orange County Accident Statistics

Orange County has been seeing an interesting downward shift in accident trends in recent years, especially with respect to pedestrian safety. It is believed to be linked to the ongoing COVID pandemic, and also to the associated reduction in out-of-the-house activity.

As per a recent study, there were 496 pedestrian injuries and 47 pedestrian fatalities in 2020 alone, though it represented a considerable downward shift as compared to just two years prior (in 2018, there were 864 pedestrian injuries and 69 pedestrian fatalities).  Accident data also reveals that while the tourist areas of Orange County are relatively safe, roadways used more often by locals continue to present a serious hazard.

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