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Get Compensation for Your Suffering

Research has shown that Byetta, a Type 2 diabetes treatment, is linked to pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, kidney failure, and pancreatitis. Developing any of these diseases can be physically and financially devastating. If you or someone you know took Byetta and developed serious health conditions, it’s time to get justice. A Byetta lawyer from 1-800-THE-LAW2 could help you get financial compensation for:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • Lost income due to time off work
  • Medical-related costs paid out of pocket
  • Emotional pain and trauma

Byetta’s Backstory

In 2007, the FDA issued several public health warnings after receiving patient reports of severe abdominal pain combined with vomiting and kidney dysfunction, indicating a possible link between Byetta and acute pancreatitis. The FDA issued another warning two years later about the link between Byetta and kidney dysfunction. And in 2011, the University of California, Los Angeles, performed a study that showed prolonged use of Byetta could triple a patient’s risk of developing pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer.

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Byetta Lawsuits Have a Statute of Limitations

There is a limited period of time, known as a statute of limitations, to file a Byetta lawsuit. While this timeframe differs by state, these factors may affect statutory deadlines for Byetta lawsuits:

  • When the pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, pancreatitis, or kidney failure was diagnosed
  • What state the medication was prescribed
  • What state the Byetta lawsuit is filed
  • Whether the patient has died

Patients filing Byetta lawsuits have based their claims on various allegations against Amylin Pharmaceuticals, the maker and marketer of Byetta.

Some have alleged that Amylin failed to “exercise reasonable care” and created “unreasonable risk of personal injury to others.” Others cite the failure to advise physicians to closely monitor changes to the pancreas among patients who take Byetta, failure to sufficiently test Byetta, and failure to recall the drug even after several studies showed a link between the drug and serious conditions.

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