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How to Get a Car Accident Police Report

May 17th, 2017 by

In addition to the information you gather on your own at the scene of an auto accident, obtaining a copy of the official police report is crucial to your insurance claim. In many instances, insurance companies will turn down a claim if the police report is missing from the list of supporting documents. Police usually Read More »

What to do After a Car Accident That’s Not Your Fault

May 16th, 2017 by

Driving to and from work, taking the kids to soccer practice, and weekend getaways are standard activities for millions of people who own vehicles across the nation. And while accidents happen everyday, you may not put a lot of thought into the idea that it could happen to you. There are about 90 fatalities on Read More »

Delayed Injury Symptoms of Car Accidents

May 15th, 2017 by

Car accidents are shocking events – both mentally and physically, and the severity of an accident likely increases the severity of injuries. Sometimes these injuries are obvious and take the form of broken ribs, bruises, cuts, scrapes, etc. However, there are also some common delayed injury symptoms of car accidents that may show up days, Read More »

Top 10 Types of Lawsuits You Should Know About

May 11th, 2017 by

There are 15 million civil cases filed annually in the United States, and 80% of the world’s lawyers reside in America. There are numerous types of lawsuits that may apply to an event you have experienced, but highly technical wording may have you confused as to whether you have the justification to file a lawsuit. Read More »

The Legal Implications of Driverless Cars

May 10th, 2017 by

Multiple companies are currently in the process of manufacturing driverless cars and many experts predict that they will be on the market for consumer purchase within several years. As technology transforms the way we live, the legal system must also keep up and create rules and regulations that govern these changes. Nearly half of Americans Read More »

What is the Difference Between Negligent and Reckless Driving?

May 10th, 2017 by

Negligent and reckless driving cases may result in injuries and damages that are essentially the same. If there are similar injuries or damages to one’s property, you may be wondering about the differences when it comes to negligent vs reckless driving. The latter tends to have worse consequences in many states across the nation. Negligent Read More »

What Can You Sue For in a Car Accident?

May 9th, 2017 by

After a car accident, you’ll need to determine how to proceed with your case – especially in the event of serious injuries which require regular doctor visits, time off work, or permanent disability. In deciding what you can sue for, you’ll need to first consider which legal argument will be used to hold the defendant Read More »

10 Things to do After a Car Accident

May 8th, 2017 by

According to the National Safety Council, there were an estimated 40,000 deaths in 2016 due to motor vehicle crashes. That number is a 6% rise from 2015 and a 14% increase in deaths since 2014. In addition to these fatalities, the Council also estimates 4.6 million serious injuries as a result of road injuries resulting Read More »

How to Write a Personal Injury Demand Letter

May 4th, 2017 by

A personal injury demand letter initiates the negotiation process, and as the injured party, you must create the strongest possible arguments for your claim. The details you include will start at the point of impact to your last day of treatment. It helps the adjuster understand the loss you have experienced due to the insured’s Read More »

Are Personal Injury Settlements Taxable?

May 3rd, 2017 by

Once a personal injury claim is settled, you’ll be relieved to put the whole incident behind you. But before you forget the matter completely, you should be aware of any tax obligations related to your settlement amount. Are Personal Injury Settlements Taxable? In most cases, the answer is no! Personal injury settlements are usually not Read More »

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