Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Risks and Tips

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Personal Injuries and Package Theft

This year, nearly 164 million Americans plan to shop during Thanksgiving weekend which includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’re one there are some thing to keep in mind while shopping in store or online.

Personal injuries are often caused by the thousands of people pushing, shoving, or fighting to get the best deals. In fact, over the last 10 years there have been 10 deaths and 105 injuries on Black Friday.

In addition to the injuries suffered while shopping in store, there’s the threat of getting a package or possibly even your identity stolen while online shopping.

To help prepare you for holiday shopping we’re breaking down the most common hazards and ways to avoid or prevent them.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Safety and Security Tips

Shopping Hazard: Slip and Fall

Slip and falls are common injuries during the busy holiday season, so watch out for hazards like slippery floors, torn carpets or fallen products in aisles and walkways. Even though retailers are very busy during the holidays, it is still their responsibility to ensure that their stores are safe for shoppers – this includes mopping up puddles, putting items that have fallen back on the shelves, and adequately warning shoppers of any potential dangers.

Slip and Fall: Safety Tips

Report the accident to the store and get a copy of the accident report or claim form. Identify witnesses and take photographs of the scene before the conditions change. Get medical attention. Medical records are important pieces of evidence to support a personal injury claim.

Shopping Hazard: Parking Lot Accidents and Hit and Runs

Parking lots can be dangerous during the holidays, too. Pedestrian accidents, hit and runs, and car accidents are common. The number of parking lot accidents jumps 25% on the biggest shopping day of the year compared to a typical Friday.  With everyone rushing to get the best parking spot the chances of a car accident or pedestrian accident increase when people are driving in a hurry. Don’t try to jockey for a spot that another driver is aggressively pursuing – whether you have the right to it or not. A car accident will be a much bigger headache than waiting for another parking spot.

Parking Lots and Hit and Runs: Safety Tips

After a car accident photograph the damage and draw a diagram of what happened. Ask if the store or mall has footage if the accident was a hit and run. If the driver is present, exchange information including contact information and insurance information. Get information from witnesses. If you hit a parked car leave a note with your name and phone number. Make sure to take photos in case the other driver exaggerates damage. If someone dents your car and leaves you can file a claim on your policy if you have collision insurance.

Shopping Hazard: Stolen Packages and identity Theft

More thefts happen on Black Friday, on average, than on any other day. About half of identity theft cases stem from a lost or stolen wallet, checkbook or document, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Amid the Black Friday frenzy, it’s easy to get distracted and let your guard down. Identity theft insurance covers expenses for repairing credit reports and restoring identity.

Stolen Packages and Identity Theft: Security Tips

Place packages out of sight in your car, ideally in the trunk. You may also want to keep receipts with you, not in the bags you place in the car, so they’re available if you must make a claim. While shopping online update your passwords regularly and verify website security. A secure website starts with https:// rather than http://. Secure sites also have a small green lock icon in next to the https://.