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Choosing the Best Car Accident Attorney for You

Tarun Sridharan Legal Editor & Attorney Contributor Read Time: 5 minutes

Choosing the Best Car Accident Attorney for You

How do you choose the best car accident attorney for you? 

You probably don’t have to look far to find personal injury lawyers near you. Maybe you’ve seen their ads on television, social media, buses, or billboards. But now, it actually matters. You have injuries from a car accident, and you want to hire a lawyer. You might be tempted to call, and hire the first attorney that comes to mind.  

That being said, you should make sure to choose the “best” car accident attorney for you. Remember that the right attorney for your friend or family member may not be the right one for you. Everyone has different needs and communication styles. 

Why You Need a Car Accident Attorney 

First, consider why you need a lawyer in the first place. You may not even realize all the benefits of having one, but learning what they can do for you can help narrow your search. A car accident attorney can: 

  • Manage your car accident claim 
  • Handle communications with the insurance company and their legal team 
  • Collect necessary evidence  
  • Investigate the accident 
  • Determine who is liable for the accident 
  • Negotiate a settlement 
  • File a lawsuit if necessary and litigate the case 
  • Provide guidance and support throughout the entire legal process 

Technically, you don’t HAVE to hire a lawyer to file a car accident claim. However, courts do highly discourage going without an attorney, and for good reason. 

Attorneys know the law and all the procedures, and they know how to push for maximum compensation. Car accident attorneys also typically work on contingency: they only get paid when you do.  So it’s absolutely in your best interest to have legal representation. 

Understanding what a lawyer can do for you can help you know what qualities to look for when hiring one. Since it’s best to have a seasoned car accident lawyer on your side sooner rather than later, start your search as soon as possible after your accident. It’s also a good idea to refrain from speaking with the insurance company until you have an attorney on your side. 

How to Choose the Best Car Accident Attorney 

Choosing the best attorney for your car accident means choosing someone that’s a good fit for you and someone who possesses certain qualities and characteristics.

What are the qualities of the best car accident lawyer? 


Good accidents lawyers will have several years of experience in car accident cases, such as those involving: 

In fact, it’s best to choose an attorney whose area of focus is that of motor vehicle accidents. In general, the more focused a lawyer’s practice is, the better the chances of you obtaining the full and fair value of your accident claim. 


Speak to your potential attorney about their fee structure. Most car accident attorneys provide free initial consultations, even if you decide not to use their services. In addition, many accident attorneys work only for contingency fees.

How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Cost Out of Pocket?

A contingency fee arrangement means you pay them nothing upfront and nothing until they win your car accident case. You owe them nothing if they don’t settle your case or win your lawsuit in court

What Percentage Do Most Injury Lawyers Take?

When and if they do recover money for your car accident damages, they receive payment from those funds. The amount they receive is usually determined by a percentage of the total recovery and is agreed upon when you hire them. Even after paying their fees, it’s worth getting a car accident attorney as nearly all accident victims will receive more compensation with an attorney on their side. 


Do you feel like the attorney understands you? And, do you have a good report? How do they handle your questions and concerns along the way? Do you feel at ease talking to them? It’s crucial to feel comfortable talking to the attorney you hire and how they want you to communicate with them going forward. While your ultimate goal is financial compensation for your damages, you should feel supported and at ease during the process. 

Peer Respect and Reputation 

Do your research to determine how others in the legal community view your potential attorney, such as judges, past clients, and other lawyers. How are their online reviews? Have they been disciplined by or reported to the state bar? What professional recognitions or awards have they received?  

A Professional Office 

When you visit the prospective attorney’s office, is it professional? Are the staff courteous and friendly? Is it clean and well-kept? Is it easily accessible? You will likely be in the office several times throughout the course of your case and interacting with the office staff, so this is a crucial part of your decision. Unfortunately, not all car accident lawyers have a professional office. 

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