What is a Moped Accident, and How can I Avoid One?

Mopeds can be a great way to travel efficiently, especially in areas with lots of traffic, or simply a fun way to get around in nice weather. However, these small vehicles don’t offer as much protection as a car or a truck, and therefore, moped riders may have much more serious consequences and injuries after an accident.

Part of operating a moped safely is understanding what a moped accident is, and the best ways to avoid them. However, when accidents happen, knowing what to do afterward can help your personal situation and ensure that you receive the care and compensation that you may deserve.

What is a Moped Accident?

Moped accidents are similar to motorcycle accidents, in that the vehicles are similar, as are the kinds of injuries sustained from them, specifically head injuries. However, mopeds tend to travel at lower speeds, and may even be able to use bike lanes in certain areas, whereas motorcycles are only allowed to use roadways. Essentially, a moped accident is an accident involving a moped and can be either solo, where it’s just the moped driver themselves involved, or with another party or parties.

What are Common Causes of Moped Accidents?

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and while sometimes they’re due to circumstances out of the driver’s control, other times, drivers can avoid accidents. Some of the more common reasons that people have moped crashes are:

Operating under the influence

Most people understand the dangers of drinking and driving, but not everyone understands that operating a moped under the influence can cause just as many problems. Bottom line: if you’ve been drinking, don’t operate any type of motorized vehicle, for your own safety and that of others.


Negligence can include simply not paying attention, including texting and driving on a moped, or not following safety guidelines, including not wearing a helmet. Other types of negligence include riding a moped if you haven’t taken driver’s education courses for the moped, or driving in places that you shouldn’t.

Collision with a car

The most common cause of a moped accident is a collision with a car. Due to the size difference between a moped and a car, plus the fact that mopeds don’t have the protection that cars and trucks do, and therefore in a collision with a car or truck, the moped rider, unfortunately, comes off the worse.

Running off the road or path

A moped can easily tip over if you aren’t staying on the right road or bike path. They aren’t designed for much off-roading, and if you stray off the path, you can easily get hurt.

How Can I Avoid a Moped Accident?

Understanding the causes of moped accidents is the first step in reducing your chances of having one. Make sure to always wear your helmet, and observe all traffic laws carefully. Maintain the correct speed limit, and avoid risky behaviors like weaving in and out of traffic or driving under the influence.

You may also look for defensive driving courses in your area, which can include learning what to do if you are in an accident to minimize personal injury. You may even be able to get a discount on your insurance by taking steps to increase your safety and reduce the chances of getting into an accident.

I’ve Been in a Moped Accident – Now What?

The first thing you should do after a moped accident is file a police report and seek medical attention, even if you don’t feel that you’ve been hurt. A head injury may not show up right away, and often, can lead to ongoing health issues. If you’ve been in a moped accident, especially one where you weren’t at fault, you need legal representation. Moped accidents can cause serious injury, and getting the damages you’re entitled to can pay for your medical bills plus ongoing aftercare, and even lost wages as a result of missing work due to your injuries. Contact a reputable personal injury to discuss your claim.