Can Social Media in the Workplace Get You Fired?

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Can Social Media in the Workplace Get You Fired?

Posting on a social media account may seem like a safe place to share your opinion, but depending on the topics you post about, there could be consequences for your statements. Some posts could even lead to you getting fired from your job.

As a rule of thumb, stay away from posts that contain rude or negative comments about your job, boss, or coworkers online. Not only can a post get you fired, but also potentially make it harder for you to find another job. While some posts may be acceptable, it is better to avoid social media in or related to the workplace as a whole.

Social Media in the Workplace

According to DMR, there are 1.393 billion monthly active users on Facebook, so it is highly likely that what you post will be seen.

If you chose to use social media in the workplace, follow these tips:

  • Think before you post
  • If you have any doubts about what you can and can’t say, then don’t post it
  • Keep good or bad news about your employer and co-workers private and confidential
  • Don’t post or send your resume out from work
  • Be prepared for the consequences of a negative post

Avoid making rude comments about customers and clients, which reflect badly on your business. Do not complain about your job online. Making fun of your boss and coworkers on social media can create tension at the office. Your employer and other coworkers don’t want to see it, and it could be seen as workplace harassment.

Remember, what goes on the internet stays on the internet. Posts may come back to haunt you while job hunting.

Have You Been Wrongfully Terminated Due to Social Media Use?

Can you be fired for comments made on your own social media account? Privacy and freedom of speech laws provide protection for some types of statements on social media. If you think you have been wrongfully terminated, call us today to speak with a qualified wrongful termination attorney.

These cases may not always be clear and can be highly stressful; a thorough investigation will be needed. Professional help is highly suggested. A skilled wrongful termination attorney can handle your claim for you. Call today to discuss your rights and your options today.


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