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Skateboarder culture has grown and changed many times since its inception, from the iconic 1970s “dude” culture to the “extreme sports” culture of the 1990s. Despite these many changes, skateboarding has always been plagued by risk of serious injury, and in some cases, even death. This isn’t limited to the person skateboarding, it’s possible to seriously hurt others, too. Unfortunately, skateboarders have long embraced these experiences as a rite of passage. This dismissive approach to injury continues to impact skateboarding. For example, wearing a helmet is often discouraged, arguments to this day are made as to why those skateboarding should not wear a helmet! 

Skateboarder Accidents with Pedestrians

This carefree attitude towards safety can put pedestrians at risk. It should come as no surprise that in 2022, we can expect hundreds of thousands of skateboarding-related injuries in the United States alone. If you’ve been injured by a someone on a skateboard, scooter, or electric scooter, we encourage you to speak to a personal injury attorney. They can help you understand your rights and potential next steps. You may be entitled to compensation, so don’t resign yourself to your circumstances. Explore your legal options. 

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A Pedestrian In A Skateboarding Accident 

Imagine that you’re walking down the street, heading to the local corner store for some groceries.  Suddenly, a skateboarder speeds by. In attempting a trick, he recklessly collides with you. The collision causes you to suffer injuries; naturally, you’re upset. After all, shouldn’t the person on the skateboard be riding on the street, and not on a crowded sidewalk designed for pedestrians? 

You may be wondering: Can I sue the skateboarder who hit me? 

Likely yes. But, developing a winning pedestrian injury lawsuit takes more than just a legitimate claim.  To succeed in obtaining compensation, you’ll have to show that the other person was liable and actually caused your injuries. And, you’ll also have to show that you did suffer the injuries that you claim. Lawsuits can be complicated, so you’ll want a seasoned personal injury lawyer by your side throughout these proceedings. 

How Negligence Works 

Most skateboarding accident claims involve “negligence.”  Specifically, the negligence of the skateboarder who hit you. But what does this entail? 

Negligence as a concept is a combination of four elements: duty, breach, causation, and damages. These are put together as follows: if a person violates or breaches their duty towards you and causes injury and damages as a result, then they are liable to you as the victim. This liability leads to financial compensation.

In the skateboarding context, a skateboarder owes a duty of care to others, including pedestrians. They must use their skateboard in such a way that it minimizes the risk of injury to others. If the skateboarder violates this duty, perhaps by recklessly weaving in and out of pedestrian traffic, and as a result collides with you and causes injury, then you could sue them for negligence. 

Proving negligence isn’t always easy. That’s where a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney comes in. They will review your situation and determine whether you have a viable case. After doing so, they’ll come up with the best “strategic plan” for securing compensation from the skateboarder who harmed you.

What To Do If You’re Hit By A Skateboarder 

If you’re injured in a collision with a skateboarder, make sure to secure your health and safety first.  There’s a time and a place for handling legal matters. If you have an actual medical emergency, then do not delay, make your way over to a hospital as soon as possible and get the medical care you need to recover. That being said, if your injuries are not severe and do not require immediate medical attention, then there are important steps you can take to strengthen your impending lawsuit

While at the accident scene, gather as much contact information as you can. Don’t just get the name and contact information of the skateboarder, speak to eyewitnesses and get their information. These witnesses will corroborate your side of the story, increasing the likelihood that you win your case. 

Finally, take photos of both the accident scene and your own injuries. You should also document your injuries over time, taking pictures everyday to show the development of the injury. These photos, along with test results and documentation from your doctor about your condition, will aid your case. 

Find a Personal Injury Lawyer to Help 

Skateboarding injuries happen quite frequently, but the “casual” nature of skateboarding may convince injured persons to simply move on. The truth is, if a skateboarder crashes into you and you suffer injuries, it’s likely that you can sue for damages. To improve your chances of winning the case (and to maximize the compensation you receive), you’ll want to work with a skilled personal injury lawyer who has experience handling skateboarding accident disputes. Contact 1-800-THE-LAW2 today for a free and confidential consultation.

Injured in a Skateboard Accident? | Skateboarding Injuries Attorneys

Skateboarding can be a dangerous sport, and nobody knows that better than skateboarders themselves. Whether or not they wear helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, or other protective gear, they are still exposed to the risk of getting injured. Many drivers simply do not understand how to safely operate their vehicles around skateboarders, and this can lead to mishaps on the roadway. 

In the event of an accident, it’s important that injured skaters talk to a skilled personal injury lawyer for guidance. The law can be quite complex and difficult to understand. With capable legal counsel by your side, however, you can be financially compensated for the injuries you’ve suffered. 

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Defective Materials and Manufacturing

Whether you’re using an electric skateboard, a longboard, or a standard board, defective materials or manufacturing can create a risk of injury. For example, you could be grinding on a new board and applying pressure that would not normally damage the board, only suddenly have it snap. This break then causes you to fall, seriously injuring yourself. 

Wheels can come off, screws can come loose; the possibilities are endless. In situations involving defective materials and manufacturing, the original manufacturer, or even the retailer in some cases, can potentially be held liable. All that you have to do is show that the skateboard is defective, and that there is an unreasonable risk of danger in normal use, due to the defect. 

It’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to make sure that a product is safe, and that includes skateboards. If the manufacturer didn’t inspect the board properly, or did discover some issue but didn’t correct it, then they can be held liable. Suing the manufacturer is a great option for a skateboarding lawsuit, as they have more substantial insurance coverage to pay out all your damages. 

Negligent and Careless Driving

Negligent, careless driving is a significant contributor to skateboarding accidents. Skating collisions or crashes with cars and other vehicles are also likely to cause more severe injury. As compared to other types of accidents, skateboarders face increased danger. They don’t have a metal frame or other protective material to shield themselves from the impact forces, like cars have. 

Examples of Improper Driving

Improper driving includes: 

  • Driving while intoxicated 
  • Speeding 
  • Reckless driving 
  • Distracted driving 
  • Driving while fatigued 
  • Driving without glasses (if necessary) 
  • Driving without taking necessary medication (i.e., seizure medication) 
  • And more 

In the event of an accident, skateboarding accidents are often severe. They can lead to serious injuries that include heavy internal bleeding, fractured limbs, abrasions, contusions, concussions, nerve damage, spinal compression, and more. Unsurprisingly, these injuries can be life altering, so the damages in skateboarding accidents tend to be large. 

Hundreds of Thousands of Skateboard Accidents 

According to data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there are 300,000 skateboarding accidents that result in emergency room visits every year. The most common skateboard accidents include sideswipes, turning collisions, rear-end collisions, t-bone collisions, and distracted/driving-under-the-influence collisions. 

Whether it’s a car and a skateboarder grinding against one another on the road, a collision during a turn, a 90-degree collision at an intersection, a skater getting rear-ended by a vehicle, or a driver who is under the influence, all these lead to hundreds of thousands of skateboard accidents every year. 

Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney 

Skateboarders are often mischaracterized as reckless, and when an accident occurs, society tends to blame the skater. We understand just how frustrating this can be. Fortunately, the law is designed to give you an opportunity at compensation despite these social biases. 

If you’ve been injured in a skateboarding accident and feel as if there isn’t any recourse, you’ll be glad to know that help is available. Personal injuries don’t have to remain a personal battle. A skilled personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of your situation, and secure compensation. Tilt the scales of justice in your favor by speaking with a qualified personal injury lawyer today. 

An attorney will: 

  • Collect evidence 
  • Write and send demand letters 
  • Speak to witnesses 
  • Identify possible defendants 
  • Acquire the police report 
  • Secure expert witnesses to testify on your behalf 
  • Acquire your medical records 
  • Negotiate a settlement on your behalf 
  • Communicate with defense attorneys and insurance adjusters 
  • Represent you in court 
  • And more

Find a Personal Injury Lawyer to Help Following a Skateboard Accident 

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