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How to Talk to Insurance Claims Adjusters After an Accident

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How to Talk to Insurance Claims Adjusters After an Accident

If you have been in a traffic accident, here is everything you need to know about how to talk to insurance claims adjusters. We know you are not enthused about going through the potentially lengthy legal claims process, and would rather focus is on recovering from injuries and returning to everyday life. This is understandable, and therefore it is important to work with an attorney as soon as possible.An attorney will handle your case from start to finish. When dealing with your insurer, your attorney will work as your advocate.

Your insurance company wants desperately to reject your claim and leave you with as little money as possible. That is the core of their business, after all. We know, it is a lot to take in. But, let’s clarify so that you understand. In this article, we will cover these topics:

How Do Insurance Companies Make Money?

How Insurance Companies Actually Work

It is easy to assume that when an auto accident occurs, you will be protected. The reality is unfortunate and harsh.

Insurance companies profit by paying out as few claims as possible. The fewer claims an insurance company pays, the higher its profit margins. When they have to pay a claim, they will generally make the lowest settlement offer possible, known as insurance underpayment.

In America, we are often told your insurer should be among your first calls after you have been in a vehicle collision. This is horrible advice.

2 Ways Insurance Companies Make Profit

Insurance companies profit when their customers do these two things:

  1. Don’t get into car accidents, or
  2. Get into accidents, but have their claims rejected or underpaid claims.

Simply put, your insurer hopes you’ll fail and be left with nothing. They want you to contact them “as soon as possible.” While you’re on the phone with the insurance adjuster, they’ll coax you with a pre-prepared conversation, so that you’ll reveal sensitive information about your accident. If they catch you saying a single thing that could be used to reject your claim, they will write it down and undermine your attempt to obtain benefits.

So, what should you do?

How to Negotiate a Settlement With an Insurance Claims Adjuster

Wondering How to Talk to Insurance Claims Adjusters?

First, contact an experienced auto accident attorney. Their job is to be your advocate, and they will speak to your insurer on your behalf. They will protect your claim and negotiate a favorable outcome. It’s no surprise that working with an attorney leads to significantly better payouts on average.

Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

How to Deal With an Insurance Claims Adjuster

Even if you avoid contacting your insurance company, a claims adjuster may try to contact you. If you’re wondering how to talk to insurance claims adjusters, the answer is: don’t. We encourage you not to speak to them, even if they take steps to contact you. Avoid conversation, and have your attorney speak on your behalf. It’s important to reiterate this because it is the key to maximizing compensation.

After an accident, your attorney will know what to say to your insurance company. Moreover, your attorney will have the experience necessary to guide you through your legal options.

Now, suppose you’re still curious about how to speak to an insurance claims adjuster without undermining your claims. In that case, there are a few considerations to keep in mind: their responsibilities and your legal rights.

What Does an Insurance Adjuster Do?

Insurance Claims Adjusters Responsibilities

An insurance adjuster, also known as an insurance claims adjuster performs these duties for their job:

  • Investigating claims
  • Determining if the insurance company is liable
  • Determining the losses
  • Identifying whether a claim should be rejected
  • Making settlement offers that are as “low” as possible
  • And more

What You Should Not Say to an Insurance Claims Adjuster and What to Do

Here are 5 things you should do and not do when talking to an insurance adjuster about your accident:

Write Down Their Contact Information

When speaking to an adjuster for insurance, write down their contact information. Specifically, this includes their: phone number, business address, and insurance company.

Do Not Disclose This Information About Yourself or the Accident

Again, we do not encourage you to speak to the adjuster. But if you insist, do not disclose any information about yourself or details of the auto accident. Offer only basic information about your identity, so that they know that you’ve been in an accident.

Do Not Agree to Recorded Statements

If the adjuster offers to let you make a recorded statement, do not agree. It’s a common tactic for insurance claims adjusters to get the information they need to deny your claim.

Do Not Agree to an Insurance Settlement

If the insurance claims adjuster makes a settlement offer, do NOT agree. It is almost certainly a low-ball offer. Agreeing to the low-ball offer leaves many thousands of dollars (even tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars) on the table.

Do Not Sign Anything

Finally, the adjuster may attempt to have you sign documents that admit fault or otherwise harm your claim. Do NOT sign anything. This is a common and aggressive scare tactic of insurers. Instead, contact a qualified local attorney and ask them for guidance on how to proceed.

Can An Insurance Company Refuse to Pay a Claim?

How to Handle Insurance Claim Denial

The best way to handle a claim denial is to simply avoid it by working with an attorney to submit the claim in the first place. If you already filed an insurance claim and it was denied, you have options. You can resubmit the claim or otherwise challenge the claim denied.

Insurance claim adjuster secret tactics include focusing on the tiniest details to shift the blame to you. They want you to be at least partially at fault for the accident, so they can justify underpaying your claim or even denying it entirely.

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