The 7 Most Common Types of Lawsuits

The 7 Most Common Types of Lawsuits

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The 7 Most Common Types of Lawsuits

There are many types of lawsuits that people have heard of, but don’t actually know what they mean or how they might apply to something that has happened to them. Use this guide to get a better understanding of the most common types of lawsuits filed by individuals and families.

Types of Lawsuits

  1. Car Accident Lawsuits
  2. Workers’ Compensation Lawsuits
  3. Slip and Fall Lawsuits
  4. Product Liability Lawsuits
  5. Drug Recall Lawsuits
  6. Medical Malpractice Lawsuits
  7. Dog Bite Lawsuits

Car Accident Lawsuits

Car accidents are one of the most common types of personal injury lawsuits. After a car accident, both drivers and passengers may sustain injuries that not only cause a great deal of pain but also be a tremendous financial burden, resulting in high medical bills, expensive repair costs, time off work unpaid and either temporary or permanent disability. A car accident lawyer can help injured victims by investigating the details of the accident, interviewing witnesses, consulting with experts and negotiating directly with insurance companies and other parties involved to ensure that you get the financial compensation you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation Lawsuits

Employers are legally responsible to maintain safe work environments for their employees. So if you get hurt on the job – whether you slip, fall, are exposed to toxic chemicals, get hurt by equipment or have an injury because of repetitive activities – you could be entitled to receive workers’ comp benefits. Although you cannot file a lawsuit against your employer for workers’ compensation benefits, a lawyer can handle the process for you to help ensure that you get maximum compensation, medical attention and time off work to recover as required by law. A workers’ compensation lawyer can also help ensure that you are not illegally terminated because of your injuries.

Slip and Fall Lawsuits

Slip and fall cases are also very common and can happen anywhere – at work, at the grocery store, in a mall, in a parking lot, at a library and much more. With a slip and fall lawsuit, the goal is to identify that the property owner or manager was negligent in either warning people of a possible danger or in fixing a problem that was dangerous to the public. A slip and fall lawyer is critical in these types of cases, because you need someone who knows what the laws are, who could be liable and how much compensation you could be entitled to receive.

Product Liability Lawsuits

Defective products, such as toys, appliances, car seats, vehicle brakes, airbags and others, can cause serious injuries that may entitle you to file a claim for product liability damages. Whether the defect occurred in the design, manufacturing, maintenance or repair of the product, you could recoup financial compensation to help pay for medical bills and other expenses incurred as a result from that injury. Like other types of personal injuries, a product liability lawyer can make the process much easier for you – and help you get maximum compensation.

Drug Recall Lawsuits

If you took a medication that has been recalled by the Food and Drug Administration or other government agency, and you have a serious illness, such as cancer, heart disease or stroke, you may be able to file a drug recall lawsuit. A drug doesn’t have to be recalled in order to have a case, though. One example is the prescription drug Actos, which numerous studies have shown to have a link to bladder cancer. Actos has not been officially recalled, but thousands of people have filed lawsuits against the drug manufacturer after being diagnosed with bladder cancer and other serious illnesses. To achieve the results you want, it is vital to retain a drug recall lawyer who has both the experience and the resources to fight large pharmaceutical companies.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

If you or someone you know was injured or became sick because of a medical physician’s negligence, you could have a viable medical malpractice lawsuit. In medical malpractice cases, a lawyer’s job is to determine whether there was a breach in the standard of care you received, whether that breach increased the risk of injury, sickness or death, and to provide proof of negligence. Because these types of cases can be very complex, it is essential to have an experienced medical malpractice lawyer working on your behalf.

Dog Bite Lawsuits

It’s estimated that nearly 5 million dog bite incidents occur every year in the U.S., and that about 800,000 of those incidents require medical care. Half of dog bite incidents involve children under the age of 12. While laws regarding dog bites vary from state to state, in most cases the owner of the dog is legally liable for any injuries or deaths caused by the dog. Oftentimes, dog bite victims are hesitant to seek legal representation because the dog was a pet of a friend, family member or neighbor. However, an experienced dog bite lawyer can help mitigate the tension and proceed with a lawsuit in a way that satisfies all parties involved.

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